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I Saw Them Die: historical and occasionally bizarre account from a WWI nurse

Shirley Millard’s harrowing and fascinating account of her MASH-like experience in WWI France gives insights she intends and many more that she does not. Reading it is an experience on several levels. One of the most fascinating personal accounts of the Great War from just behind the lines, first published in 1936, and updated by Prof. Elizabeth Townsend Gard.

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The annotated Common Law: Holmes Gets Decoded for a New Generation, in Hardcover, Paperback & eBook

The only corrected and annotated version available of this foundational work on law and legal reasoning, read by generations of law students, scholars, and historians — now in a 2010 edition with an explanatory Foreword, active contents, linked and numbered footnotes, and clarifying annotations throughout. In hardcover, paperback, and eight digital versions.

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Yale Law Journal is available in quality ebook formats, starting with Oct. 2011 issue

One of the world’s leading law journals is now available in quality ebook formats for ereader devices and apps. This issue of The Yale Law Journal (the first issue of Volume 121, academic year 2011-2012) features new articles and essays on jurisprudence, tort law, and other areas of interest. Contributors include such noted scholars as Jules Coleman, Ariel Porat, and Mark Geistfeld. The issue also features student contributions on counter-terrorism and on felon disenfranchisement.

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Discretion to Disobey: a classic of law & society

Kadish and Kadish, Discretion to Disobey, is a truly interdisciplinary inquiry into the idea of departing from the strict letter of the law in a way that, the authors argue, actually comports with both law and morality.

Sometimes you have to break the law to make the law.

AVAILABLE IN MODERN PAPERBACK or as an ebook from Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and Smashwords.

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Now out in print: Federal Standards of Review, 4th ed.

In its new Fourth Edition, in three volumes, a product of LexisNexis Publishing Co.

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An undeniable classic of law and philosophy is digitally remastered

For a new generation of readers interested in the-much debated idea that law includes tools for its own departures. 
(Sometimes you just have to break the law to truly honor it.)
Read more about Mortimer Kadish and Sanford Kadish, Discretion to Disobey, on its feature page, with details and reader reviews.
Buying information from Amazon is [...]

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Digitally Remastered Books™

Find out how to get your new manuscript into a digital format, sold for the future, or to bring back to digital life some classic works that long to be available to a new generation of readers, or an older one that wants to buy it again.  See our pages on Publisher Information and Our [...]

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The Bank Teller: Peter Gabel

The Bank Teller explores the desire within each of us to overcome our isolation and to see and be seen by the other in a relation of authentic connectedness.

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The Right to Privacy: Warren and Brandeis

Warren and Brandeis’s “The Right to Privacy,” with 2010 Foreword. Includes photos and rare news clippings.

Part of the Legal Legends Series.

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Hot Topics in the Legal Profession ~ 2010

Current important events in the U.S. legal profession and legal ethics, with up-to-the-minute research and rules, are explored by Tulane law students from an advanced ethics seminar of spring 2010 and several independent study papers, and by a legal ethics professor in his Foreword. Also in paperback.

BUY IT IN PAPERBACK and also AVAILABLE in ebook at Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

CLICK on this panel for more information.

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Submit your dissertation, get it out there, still publish traditionally if you want

Keep your options open but make your dissertation available and get it read and cited.  All while you may still work it into a newer edition for submission to traditional publishers.
Unlike some digital dissertation sites that are no more than vanit-epresses, your book will be sold on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and other traditional [...]

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And help fund public interest law and indigent representations through royalties supporting the nonprofit Tulane Public Interest Law Foundation.
Become a Series Editor and propose a collected, edited symposium book in our Benefit Tulane PILF Series.  The net proceeds fund public interest projects and indigent representations by Tulane PILF, an organization of law student volunteers.
You still [...]

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Out now in 4 stores: Hot Topics in the Legal Profession 2010

A book in our new series benefiting the Tulane Public Interest Law Foundation.  Buy it at Amazon for KINDLE and Kindle apps.
…or, for multiple formats including ePub, PDF, Sony, HTML, .txt, Javascript, and RTF, download it from Smashwords here.

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Symposia and panel collections can go to press with high-quality books and ebooks

Submit to the Symposium Series.
Professors and lawyers with symposia panels of themed works, and conference collections of papers, who want their work to be out there fast, and benefit a great cause, should propose editing an addition to the Benefit Tulane PILF Series, or contribute the collection to Quid Pro’s scholarly Symposium Series.
Papers may still [...]

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Peter Gabel’s The Bank Teller is now digitally remastered

Find out more about this controversial series of essays on political culture, society, law and redemptive community.

Available for immediate purchase in nine digital formats.

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Benefit Tulane PILF Series submission information

Professors and lawyers with symposia panels of themed works, and conference collections of papers, who want their work to be out there fast, and benefit a great cause, should propose editing an addition to the Benefit Tulane PILF Series.  Papers may still be individually posted or published, and this opportunity does not preclude seeking placing [...]

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