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Holmes’ The Path of the Law and The Common Law: Combined Edition for eReaders, iPads, Android, and Apps

Two of the greatest works of law and political philosophy, both by legendary legal icon Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., are conveniently combined into one new, affordable digital edition. The Common Law in 1881 pronounced that experience and policy, not precedent and logic, are superior tools for judges–and “The Path of the Law” expanded on his pragmatic view that law is what judges do and what people obey, not some inherent morality.

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Adversarialism and Consensus? studies different styles of UK Solicitors and Divorce Mediators

Lisa Webley compares the professional styles and attitudes in the UK of the legal profession and mediators in handling divorce cases. Law and sociology presented in quality digital formats with active contents, linked footnotes, and formatted tables.

Now also available in paperback at B&N etc., and for eight digital platforms.

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You do not need a Kindle to read our books

Read the five ways our ebooks are read by anyone whether or not they own the actual Kindle device. Plus we have PDF and rtf anyway, and paperbacks. So digital books should not scare the non-Amazon readers. Even Kindle apps for various devices are free and do not in any way require your owning a Kindle itself. Amazon just wants to sell the books, and we do too.

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We do paper editions too

Although we specialize in quality digital publishing, we are happy to produce and sell internationally your work in paperback form, through traditional sales as well as digital.  Existing print books that have shown the market sustains print sales, for example, should be published in both forms.  And we can work with your traditional publisher to [...]

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Spanish language books anticipated by San Fermin (July 7)

Available now: our new series of digital books on law and the social sciences in Spanish, available worldwide.

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We are not just categories

Propose a book that defies categorization and you still will belong.

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We seek classic timeless studies of judges and legal history

Even if out of print, they may need to find a new life with digital remastering.  We can help.
And we love history related to law, judges, and political figures.  We already have some  on the way, but our library has room for more.
We also seek submission of original manuscripts and dissertations in these and related [...]

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Legal fiction: David Crump’s novels of Houston trial lawyer Robert Herrick

Now available in digital formats: Law professor David Crump’s two fiction works on the trials and tribs of Houston trial lawyer Robert Herrick. Newly released in Kindle, Nook, Apple, Sony, and other formats.

Conflict of Interest
The Holding Company

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Basic, Modern Editions of Holmes’ The Common Law

Quid Pro Books publishes, in ebook and paperback formats, editions of Oliver W. Holmes, Jr., The Common Law. All editions and formats embed the original pagination for citation and classroom assignments. All have the hyperaccurate proofreading usually lacking in other republications, especially the ebooks. Our editions come in three forms.
1. The book without explanation or [...]

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Woodrow Wilson on Constitutional Government in the United States: His Study of Politics Just a Few Years Before He Became President

Woodrow Wilson’s 1908 classic is a well-written argument for looking at the Constitution as enabling reforms and progressive changes to how people govern themselves rather than as a civic straightjacket. It is timely today as judges and politicians debate the Framers’ original intent versus the promise and problems of a Living Constitution. It was timely then as it foreshadowed his own strong presidency and progressive reforms.

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Holmes’ The Path of the Law, Available as an eBook, hardback, and paperback

New to the Legal Legends Series is Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., “The Path of the Law,” from his famous and influential Harvard Law Review article. Includes 2011 Foreword and bio summary. Available digitally from Barnes & Noble for Nook and Amazon for Kindle. Also in paperback and on Apple iTunes.

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George Murphy’s Poetry of Key West Gets Digitally Remastered™ to Kindle, Google, Apple and Nook

Previously published in print by Ampersand Press of Roger Williams College in Rhode Island, Rounding Ballast Key is a poetry collection featuring the people and places of Key West and South Florida. Author George Murphy is also the editor of the recognized literary anthology The Key West Reader: The Best of Key West’s Writers 1830-1990, [...]

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