Harvard Law Review’s annual issue reviewing Supreme Court Term, and scholarly Foreword, now out in Kindle, Apple, and Nook formats

Issue number 1 of the academic year 2011-12 is now available, HLR’s November 2011 issue analyzing the 2010 Term of the U.S. Supreme Court. This special issue is read widely for its summaries and analyses of the law in cases involving the U.S. Constitution, federal statutes and jurisdiction, patent law, and many other subjects recently [...]

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Harvard Law Review’s Dec. 2011 Issue as an eBook: Orin Kerr, Jamal Greene and Michael Klarman

The Harvard Law Review’s December 2011 Issue (Volume 125, Number 2) is available in quality eBook editions from Quid Pro Books.
Articles in this issue are from such recognized scholars as Jamal Greene (writing on notorious or anti-canonical Supreme Court cases like Lochner and Plessy), Orin Kerr (on Fourth Amendment theory), and Michael Klarman (reviewing in [...]

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Harvard Law Review’s June Issue, in ebook formats, now available including memoriam to William Stuntz

Harvard Law Review: Volume 124, Number 8 – June 2011 is now available, beating the streets, as an ebook in leading formats. It features quality presentation, legible charts, active TOC (including that of the articles), linked notes and URLs, and complete and linked cross-referencing in text and notes.
Its contents are:
In Memoriam: William J. Stuntz
Pamela S. [...]

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7th 2011 Issue of Harvard Law Review, May 2011, Available in Ebook Formats

The Harvard Law Review is now offered in a digital edition for ereaders — featuring active Contents, linked footnotes, active URLs in citations, and proper ebook formatting. Available download sites are linked below.
The Harvard Law Review is a student-run organization whose primary purpose is to publish a  journal of legal scholarship. The Review comes out [...]

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