James Fenimore Cooper spins tale of sailing, smuggling and romance in The Water-Witch

This unabridged and complete presentation of THE WATER-WITCH is unlike any reproduction of a vintage printing available (as is apparent in Previewing other offerings). It is unlike both new formattings which use small print to pack the story into half the pages (or give half the book), and typical vintage republications, whose [...]

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Classic Bio of Ben Franklin by John Morse is a New Paperback, a Digitally Remastered Book

John Torrey Morse’s beloved biography of Benjamin Franklin, originally published in 1889 in the American Statesmen Series, is presented as a quality new paperback. The Digitally Remastered™ edition removes underlines and distracting stray marks, repairs missing parts of words, and is presented with enhanced, clearer text as compared to most such republications today. It even [...]

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Jay Wexler spins stories of a Supreme Court Justice, Tu Fu, Clam Camp, a Black & White Zoo, and a Sitcom of Death Row

Available in paperback and at bookstores and ebook sites linked below.

A zoo with only black and white animals. A camp where children are forced to gather clams or face a trip to the ‘hot box.’ A Supreme Court Justice’s confirmation hearing presided over by the ‘77 KC Royals. BU law professor Jay [...]

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Lawrence Friedman’s Provocative The Human Rights Culture, Views the Modern Arc of Rights as a Social and Historical Phenomenon

New from the acclaimed legal historian Lawrence Friedman, professor at Stanford. He does not mind going against the grain of most writers on human rights, to ask questions about its origins and import that the previous literature sidesteps. Why, as a social and historical matter, is all the rights discourse so pervasive and near-global today?

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The Nature and the Sources of the Law: John Chipman Gray’s Anatomy of Jurisprudence, Comparative Law, and the Concept of Rights

The Nature and Sources of the Law (Second Edition, 1921) is Gray’s legal and jurisprudential classic, finally available in a high-quality eBook edition and new paperback. It is the 11th contribution in the Legal Legends Series and, unlike most such classics typically reproduced by crude scanning, offers full assurances of careful proofreading, proper formatting, and [...]

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Cynthia Fuchs Epstein’s foundational Women in Law adds Deborah Rhode’s new Foreword: available in paperback and eBooks

Simply one of the most important and influential works in the canon of the sociology of law, Epstein’s WOMEN IN LAW is now republished (including new paperback) and available worldwide for departments of sociology, law, and gender studies — but is accessible and fascinating to a general audience, unloaded with legal or sociological jargon. It won the SCRIBES Book Award and the ABA’s Merit Award.

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Michael O’Neal’s new Slavery, Smallholding and Tourism Examines the British Virgin Islands with Anthropology and History

Explores the political economy of development in the BVI — from plantations, through a smallholding economy, to the rise of tourism. The demise of plantations ushered in a century of imperial disinterest, then a new “monocrop” — tourism — became ascendant. Using an historical and anthropological approach, O’Neal shows how later reliance on tourism and other dependent industries affects many BVIslanders — called the “Belongers” — in ways that echo their historical and economic heritage.

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Martin Shapiro Links Freedom of Speech with the Legitimate Political Role of the Supreme Court

A classic study of the free speech right and especially the function of the Supreme Court in review—in effect answering, before his time, Chief Justice Roberts’ claim that judges are neutral umpires. Such judicial modesty ignores the Court’s political role in governing and protecting under-represented citizens.

In paperback edition, plus Kindle, Nook, Apple, and other ebook formats.

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A Dictionary of Civil Law Terminology in Louisiana: Usufruct and Naked Owners Are Explained to Common Lawyers and Civilians

With obscure terms like emphyteusis and jactitation, the language of the civil law can sometimes confuse students and even seasoned practitioners. But the Louisiana Civil Law Dictionary can help. It defines every word and phrase contained in the index to the Louisiana Civil Code, plus many more–in clear and concise language–and provides current citations to [...]

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Classic Study of Solo Lawyers: Jerome Carlin’s Lawyers on Their Own Gets Digitally Remastered™

A classic study, in 2011 digital and paperback formats, with a new foreword by law professor William Gallagher.

Carlin’s LAWYERS ON THEIR OWN is a recognized, foundational study of lawyers in solo practice in an urban setting. It became the template for an important form of social science research into lawyers in action. The first frank, extensive and grounded study of individual practitioners, now back in print, plus nine quality digital formats.

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Classic legal history, adding new Foreword by Stewart Macaulay: Lawrence Friedman’s Contract Law in America

Contract law and legal history as applied in the real world and not just in the law books—a classic study of the social and economic realities of trade law, told through case studies and rich historical analysis, and comparing cases and legislation over three discrete historical periods. Lawrence Friedman’s first book, with new introductions, is now in paperback and eight accessible digital formats.

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Auerbach’s Brothers at War Explores the Altalena and Today’s Implications: An Israeli Ship Destroyed By Israeli Soldiers

All-new in summer 2011: Jerold Auerbach’s probing and poignant exploration of the tragedy of the Altalena, the doomed ship whose arrival in Israel ignited Jewish fratricidal conflict only weeks after the 1948 declaration of statehood. This new book is the first on the Altalena by a historian, the first to explore it within the context of ancient Jewish and contemporary Israeli history. In ebooks, hardcover, and paperback.

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Detailed Stanford Law Review Symposium on Patent Law After Bilski v. Kappos

This new issue is a special June 2011 Symposium, featuring cutting-edge articles on patent law and other IP issues related to genetic and biotech innovation and “business methods” — after the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in Bilski and beyond: “The Future of Patents.” Contributors include such internationally recognized IP scholars as John Duffy, Peter Menell, Mark Lemley, Michael Risch, Polk Wagner, Ted Sichelman, Rochelle Dreyfuss, and Robin Feldman.

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Neil Smelser explains Sociological Theory in a clear and pithy book on how to read, criticize, and do theory

Renowned sociologist Neil J. Smelser republishes his classic and clear guide, Sociological Theory — A Contemporary View. It remains timeless because he uses foundational examples such as Durkheim, Marx and Parsons, examining still-applicable criteria. New Foreword by Arlie Hochschild, new Preface by the author.

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Stuart Scheingold’s classic The Politics of Law and Order reissued in print and digital with new Foreword by Malcolm Feeley

How crime and public fear of it are socially constructed — not just a set reality to observe. Politicians and others use public anxiety for their purposes, and push a ‘law and order’ platform even as crime rates drop. As the foundational, supported study of the issue, it’s often cited and used in later scholarship on crime and politics, from a legendary scholar in the field–an acclaimed follow-up to his landmark ‘The Politics of Rights.’ Available in ebook and print formats.

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Cardozo’s Classic Nature of the Judicial Process Adds Modern Foreword by Harvard’s Andrew Kaufman

Judges don’t discover the law, they create it.

Justice Cardozo’s premier biographer, Andrew L. Kaufman, brings the classic study of judicial decision-making to a new generation. New, affordable cloth hardback and paperback. Digital formats include Nook and Kindle. Has become the standard edition of this important book.

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Woodrow Wilson’s Congressional Government Gets Digitally Remastered, and New Paperback Edition

The only correct and properly formatted ebook version of Wilson’s classic and frank study of how the U.S. government works from inside Congress and what role that creates for Presidents and others in the system. Takes seriously the legislative branch at a time when most political scientists saw the President as some sort of politically dominant force (before Wilson himself attempted that role). Now in paperback too.

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Did U.S. Judaism Lose its Way As it Became Led By Lawyers?

That is the provocative question posed by historian Jerold Auerbach in Rabbis and Lawyers:  The Journey From Torah to Constitution. Most of the people he vividly describes are considered great or heroic, and the events all good, but by thorough research he reveals that the canonization is not always appropriate.  Their devotion to law and [...]

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Adversarialism and Consensus? studies different styles of UK Solicitors and Divorce Mediators

Lisa Webley compares the professional styles and attitudes in the UK of the legal profession and mediators in handling divorce cases. Law and sociology presented in quality digital formats with active contents, linked footnotes, and formatted tables.

Now also available in paperback at B&N etc., and for eight digital platforms.

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Digitally Remastered Books™

Find out how to get your new manuscript into a digital format, sold for the future, or to bring back to digital life some classic works that long to be available to a new generation of readers, or an older one that wants to buy it again.  See our pages on Publisher Information and Our [...]

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Peter Gabel’s The Bank Teller is now digitally remastered

Find out more about this controversial series of essays on political culture, society, law and redemptive community.

Available for immediate purchase in nine digital formats.

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Benefit Tulane PILF Series submission information

Professors and lawyers with symposia panels of themed works, and conference collections of papers, who want their work to be out there fast, and benefit a great cause, should propose editing an addition to the Benefit Tulane PILF Series.  Papers may still be individually posted or published, and this opportunity does not preclude seeking placing [...]

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