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Harvard Law Review, Mar. ‘16, explores adoptions and parenthood after Obergefell, shareholder horizontal equity, and police abuse of poor and minority communities

The Harvard Law Review, March 2016, features these contents:
• Article, “Marriage Equality and the New Parenthood,” by Douglas NeJaime
• Essay, “Horizontal Shareholding,” by Einer Elhauge
• Book Review, “Keeping Track: Surveillance, Control, and the Expansion of the Carceral State,” by Kathryne M. Young and Joan Petersilia
• Note, “Constitutional Courts and International Law: Revisiting the Transatlantic Divide”
• [...]


Yale Law Journal, Feb. 2016: History of patent cases’ explosion, 4th Amendment issues of ‘effects,’ and tributes to Robert A. Burt

The February issue of the Yale Law Journal features articles and essays by notable scholars, as well as extensive student research. The issue is dedicated to the memory of Professor Robert A. Burt, with essays in his honor by Robert Post, Owen Fiss, Monroe Price, Martha Minow, Martin Boehmer, Anthony Kronman, Frank Iacobucci, and Andrew [...]


New England Law Review, Vol. 50, No. 1, on military prosecutors and commanders, charging authority, and sexual assault cases

The New England Law Review offers its issues in convenient digital formats for e-reader devices, apps, pads, and phones. This first issue of Volume 50 (Fall 2015) features an extensive and important Symposium entitled “Discipline, Justice, and Command in the U.S. Military,” presented by leading scholars on the subject. Contents include:
“Introduction [...]


Harvard Law Review, Feb. 2016: Constitutional bad faith, immunization and Ebola-quarantine, and does speech matter?

The February 2016 issue, Number 4, features these contents:
* Article, “Constitutional Bad Faith,” by David E. Pozen
* Book Review, “No Immunity: Race, Class, and Civil Liberties in Times of Health Crisis,” by Michele Goodwin & Erwin Chemerinsky
* Book Review, “How Much Does Speech Matter?,” by Leslie Kendrick
* Note, “State Bans on Debtors’ [...]

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