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New England Law Review #3 (2015): Symposium on Ph.D. and J.S.D. study in law for U.S. and international students

The New England Law Review offers its issues in convenient digital formats for e-reader devices, apps, pads, smartphones, and computers.
This third issue of Volume 49 (Spr. 2015) features an extensive and important Symposium on “Educational Ambivalence: The Story of the Academic Doctorate in Law,” presented by leading scholars on the subject. Contents include:
“Educational Ambivalence: The [...]


Leading Voices on Justice Under Law Discuss Civil Liberties, National Security, Gitmo, Immigration and Health Care

Law and the Quest for Justice is a 2013 book featuring evocative essays on hotbed issues of rights, liberty, security and law. An insightful collection of essays from leading voices on the challenges and promise of justice and law, this book is accessible and interesting to a wide audience. It features internationally renowned [...]


Classic Social Science, Digitally Remastered: The Sociology of the Professions, edited by Dingwall & Lewis

Robert Dingwall and Philip Lewis’s renowned compilation of diverse studies—written by internationally recognized theorists and empirical researchers into the sociology of the professions—was groundbreaking when first published in 1983 and has influenced scholars, practitioners, and professionals since. Not limited to one occupation or field, as are most such works, this collection examines across traditional fields [...]


Slow Fire: A U.S. Philosopher’s Fascinating Account of Divided Berlin in the ’80s

Susan Neiman went to learn more about morality and reason, which she did, but she also came to terms with being Jewish in a city that did not always welcome her, as if her presence was a guilty reminder. (Or they did not know she was Jewish and said some amazing stuff.) This memoir–through the [...]