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Classic Social Science, Digitally Remastered: The Protection of Children, Second Edition, by Dingwall, Eekelaar & Murray

This book has not been easily available in print for many years, but it has long been regarded as an important contribution to the study of child abuse and neglect, and legal and social responses to it.
This classic study of law and social work in action is based on the most extensive investigation of child [...]


Rutgers CompTech Joins Law Review eBook Project with New Issue 1, 2014

The Rutgers Computer & Technology Law Journal now offers its issues in convenient and modern ebook formats for e-reader devices, apps, pads, smartphones, and computers. This first issue of Volume 40, 2014, was published in March 2014 and contains articles from leading figures of the academy, technology, and the legal community, as well as contributions [...]


Kitty Calavita goes Inside the State, with the rise and fall of the Bracero INS Program

The classic study of the rise and demise — among controversy and abuse — of the INS farmworker program of Braceros is now Digitally Remastered and available for classrooms and other interested readers, with a new Foreword. Available in ebook formats for Kindle, Sony, Nook, & iPad — and in new paperback, including bulk sales.


University of Chicago Law Review Symposium: Revelation Mechanisms and the Law; Plus Article, Comment & Book Review in First 2014 Issue

The first issue of 2014 features articles and essays from internationally recognized legal and economics scholars, including an extensive Symposium on “Revelation Mechanisms and the Law.” Topics include voting options and strategies to reveal preferences, corporate governance, regulatory intensity, tort calculations of risk, audits, mandatory disclosure of choices, partitioning interests in land, and shopping for [...]

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