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Llewellyn’s classic The Common Law Tradition is Digitally Remastered™ and available in paperback, hardback & ebooks

Karl Llewellyn, a legal realist whose views on jurisprudence were influential and sometimes controversial, was also one of the leading teachers of fundamental legal thought. He took seriously the functions of courts, the use of precedent, and the power of rules. In this important book, he laid bare these jurisprudential tools, in support of appellate [...]

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Yale Law Journal, Apr. 2015, on constitutional duty to supervise, discrimination by architectural design, and AG nondefense of laws

The contents of the April 2015 issue (Volume 124, Number 6) are:
• Article, “The Constitutional Duty To Supervise,” by Gillian E. Metzger
• Article, “Architectural Exclusion: Discrimination and Segregation Through Physical Design of the Built Environment,” by Sarah Schindler
• Feature, “Fifty Attorneys General, and Fifty Approaches to the Duty To Defend,” by Neal Devins & Saikrishna [...]


David Gold explores the earlier Tea Party Movement and its Emergence in the Midwest States

Supporters of the 21st-century Tea Party movement claim the Boston Tea Party of 1773 as their inspiration, while scholars dismiss the connection. Neither camp pays much attention to the intervening years, and both overlook one of the great populist movements in American history. As David M. Gold demonstrates, 19th-century Americans who were fed up with [...]


Crump’s fictional lawyer Robert Herrick is Back: Suing Terrorists and their Money Machine

The football game is tied. It’s in sudden death overtime. And that’s when three Islamic extremists trigger an explosion that kills over 100 innocent spectators. The men who did it are promptly caught and charged with capital murder, but everyone knows that there are more guilty people behind the act. There are banks, or foundations, [...]