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Frank Zimring’s witty essays observing the modern condition and aging form the new book Memos from Midlife

“… It’s the most entertaining book I’ve read this year.” —Steve Chapman, Columnist and Editorial Writer, The Chicago Tribune
There are no pretentious pronouncements about public policy or dry conclusions from social science in these pages … because it is a report from what Frank Zimring calls “my second career, and everybody else’s second career, the [...]


Wester’s book Land Divided By Law explores environmental history of Yakama Indians in Pacific Northwest

Wester’s environmental history of Yakama and Euro-American cultural interactions during the 19th and early 20th century explores the role of law in both curtailing and promoting rights to subsistence resources within a market economy. Her study, using original source files, case histories, and contemporary writings, particularly describes how the struggle [...]


New devotional follows the seasons from a Christian point of view

Journey through a series of short stories based on real life experiences: soul searching, humorous, and all with the primary goal of promoting Christ. This devotional will take you through all four seasons of the year. You will be encouraged and filled with His hope as you read and grow in your faith.
“What an amazing [...]


Bert Kritzer’s Lawyers at Work: a recognized collection of studies and insights on the legal profession

This collection of articles and essays by Herbert Kritzer draws on his extensive research related to lawyers and legal practice conducted over the last 35 years. That research has applied existing theoretical frameworks and developed innovative ways of thinking about how to understand what it is that lawyers do. The chapters reflect the wide range [...]