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Rosann Greenspan’s classic study of due process, criminal procedure & administrative ‘bypass’ is available as a new book

A classic study in law & society is now readily available to scholars, researchers, and others in the field of criminal justice, due process, policing, and administrative procedure. It adds a new Preface by the author and a new Foreword by Berkeley law professor Malcolm M. Feeley. As the author reflects:
“I think it was my [...]


David Crump’s 2014 Courtroom Thriller Pits Herrick Against a Drug Kingpin and its Bank

New from the author of CONFLICT OF INTEREST and MURDER IN SUGAR LAND: Law professor David Crump’s latest courtroom drama features Houston trial lawyer Robert Herrick, in a case that risks it all.
Herrick is the lawyer for the little guy in Houston, Texas. His courtroom experiences have been realistically recounted in David Crump’s [...]


John Logue’s Novel of Southern Change and Choices in the Sixties is Digitally Remastered

Set in the tumultuous sixties, and published by Little, Brown in the eighties, this novel of a people’s governor and a Southern newspaperman still resonates with the moral choices that only strong people face. John Logue’s compelling fiction is available again, in a new digital edition. As Library Journal reviewed it, in its original release:
The [...]


Slow Fire: A U.S. Philosopher’s Fascinating Account of Divided Berlin in the ’80s

Susan Neiman went to learn more about morality and reason, which she did, but she also came to terms with being Jewish in a city that did not always welcome her, as if her presence was a guilty reminder. (Or they did not know she was Jewish and said some amazing stuff.) This memoir–through the [...]