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Book Club Questions for Aviva Orenstein’s 2016 novel Fat Chance

The main information page for this book is found here.
This page is dedicated to questions and themes raised by the novel, suggested for classroom use and, especially, book clubs. For more information and interaction with the author, contact Aviva at aorenste [at] indiana [dot] edu.
Discussion Questions for Fat Chance
1. Claire struggles with her weight and [...]


Yale Law Journal, Jan.-Feb. ‘15, on jurisprudence’s end, cost-benefit analysis, Indian ‘commerce,’ & the Wonder Woman origins of the Frye test

The contents of Yale Law Journal’s January-February 2015 issue (Volume 124, Number 4) are:
* “Cost-Benefit Analysis of Financial Regulation: Case Studies and Implications,”  John C. Coates IV
* “Beyond the Indian Commerce Clause,”  Gregory Ablavsky
* “On Evidence: Proving Frye as a Matter of Law, Science, and History,”  Jill Lepore
* “The End of Jurisprudence,”  Scott Hershovitz
* “Against [...]


Rutgers CompTech, 2015 #1, on teleradiology, ‘next gen’ research, guns & 3D printers, and privacy & tech

The Rutgers Computer & Technology Law Journal offers its issues in convenient and modern ebook formats for e-reader devices, apps, pads, smartphones, and computers.
This first issue of Volume 41, 2015, features new articles and student contributions on cutting-edge topics related to: teleradiology, jurisdiction, and malpractice; teaching ‘next gen’ research methods such as Ravel and Casetext [...]


John Logue’s 4 Dell paperback murder mysteries are now Quid Pro ebooks

Classic mystery writer John Logue has contributed some of his most acclaimed fiction to the growing eBook library of QP fiction. Now available are four suspense novels set in the world of high-stakes golf. Originally published by Dell Publishing of Random House, these books formed  part of the Morris & Sullivan Mystery series. These books are [...]