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HARVARD LAW REVIEW’s May ‘17 issue: Harmless Error, Vagrancy Laws, and Abolition of the Death Penalty

The May 2017 issue, Number 7, features these contents: • Article, “A Contextual Approach to Harmless Error Review,” by Justin Murray • Book Review, “Courting Abolition,” by Deborah W. Denno • Book Review, “This Land Is My Land?” by Tracey Meares • Note, “Clarifying Kiobel’s ‘Touch and Concern’ Test” • Note, “If These Walls Could [...]


Crump pens new courtroom novel of suing the operator of a Gulf oil platform

The offshore oil platform known as the Emerald Rose is an explosion waiting to happen.

And just as surely, it’s a blizzard of lawsuits waiting to happen.

Robert Herrick is “the lawyer for the little guy.” Against his better judgment, he finds himself drawn into representing more than 100 plaintiffs suing the Emerald Petroleum Company. Careless managers [...]


New England Law Review’s 1st issue of Volume 51: Symposium on Behavioral Legal Ethics and Dealing with Mistakes

The New England Law Review offers its issues in convenient digital formats for e-reader devices, apps, pads, and phones. This first issue of Volume 51 (2017) features an extensive and important Symposium, “Behavioral Legal Ethics,” with contributions by Catherine Gage O’Grady, Milton C. Regan, Jr. & Nancy L. Sachs, Donald C. Langevoort, Tigran W. Eldred, [...]


HARVARD LAW REVIEW’s Apr. ‘17 issue: Developments in the Law on “The U.S. Territories”

The Harvard Law Review is offered in a digital edition, featuring active Contents, linked notes, linked URLs in notes, and proper ebook formatting. The contents of Issue 6 include scholarly articles and student casenotes, as well as as the extensive, annual survey of Developments in the Law. This year’s subject is “The U.S. Territories.” Topics [...]

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