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University of Chicago Law Review Symposium: Revelation Mechanisms and the Law; Plus Article, Comment & Book Review in First 2014 Issue

The first issue of 2014 features articles and essays from internationally recognized legal and economics scholars, including an extensive Symposium on “Revelation Mechanisms and the Law.” Topics include voting options and strategies to reveal preferences, corporate governance, regulatory intensity, tort calculations of risk, audits, mandatory disclosure of choices, partitioning interests in land, and shopping for [...]


Yale Law Journal, March 2014, Studies Shrinking Cities, Fund Managers, Moral Impact, & Pretrial Monitoring

The March 2014 issue of The Yale Law Journal features new articles and essays on law and legal theory by internationally recognized scholars. The contents for Volume 123, Number 5, include:
The New Minimal Cities, by Michelle Wilde Anderson
The Separation of Funds and Managers: A Theory of Investment Fund Structure and Regulation, by John Morley
The Moral [...]


Harvard Law Review, March 2014, challenges judicial review of agencies, adds Reviews on biracial couples, religion, and active judges

Volume 127, Number 5, features these new articles and review essays:
• Article, “The Puzzling Presumption of Reviewability,” Nicholas Bagley
• Book Review, “Making the Modern Family: Interracial Intimacy and the Social Production of Whiteness,” Camille Gear Rich 
• Book Review, “The Case for Religious Exemptions — Whether Religion Is Special or Not,” Mark L. Rienzi
• Book Review, [...]


Lance Bennett & Martha Feldman Examine Juries and Narrative: What Makes People Believe a Witness?

Reconstructing Reality in the Courtroom explains what makes stories believable and how ordinary people connect complex legal arguments and evidence presented in trials to assess guilt and innocence. The explanation takes the core elements of narrative—the who, what, where, when, how, why—and shows how average people who hear hundreds of stories every day use the [...]