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James Fenimore Cooper spins tale of sailing, smuggling and romance in The Water-Witch

This unabridged and complete presentation of THE WATER-WITCH is unlike any reproduction of a vintage printing available (as is apparent in Previewing other offerings). It is unlike both new formattings which use small print to pack the story into half the pages (or give half the book), and typical vintage republications, whose [...]


University of Chicago Law Review’s issue 3 of 2012 now out: internet censorship, spreading pollution, juries nullifying comparative fault

A leading law review offers a quality ebook edition. This third issue of 2012 features articles from internationally recognized legal scholars, and extensive research in Comments authored by University of Chicago Law School students. Contents for the issue include:
“Orwell’s Armchair,” by Derek E. Bambauer
“Jury Nullification in Modified Comparative Negligence Regimes,” by Eli K. [...]


Neil Smelser’s Foundational Theory of Collective Behavior Adds Marx’s Extensive New Introduction

This golden anniversary edition is a modern take on a sociological and social psychology classic. Features a reflective new Preface by the author–and an extensive, analytical Foreword by MIT’s Gary Marx; he notes, “The book is elegant, original, carefully crafted and forcefully argued. In its totality, it is a fine example of an effort to define a field, identify major types and systematically connect central variables.”

Available now in hardcover, paperback, and 9 ebook formats.


Timeless TVA and the Grass Roots by Philip Selznick now in modern edition, in print and eBooks

One of the great works of sociology, digging into government, business and organizations in an intense and telling way. The book is foundational as to modern organizational theory and practice. New Foreword by Jonathan Simon.

All formats have embedded page numbers from the previous editions, for full continuity of citation and ease of classroom adoptions. Digital formats include active Contents and linked subject Index.