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Yale Law Journal’s Special Symposium: The Gideon Effect, 50 Years Later (Issue 8, June 2013)

This final issue of The Yale Law Journal’s Volume 122 features “Symposium: The Gideon Effect: Rights, Justice, and Lawyers Fifty Years After Gideon v. Wainwright.“ The year 2013 marks the golden anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Gideon v. Wainwright (1963), which established a constitutional right to counsel for criminal defendants. A [...]


Harry Scheiber’s classic study of Wilson and civil liberties is back in print … and in eBooks

The Wilson Administration and Civil Liberties, 1917-1921, is a Digitally Remastered™ reprint of one of the classic works of legal and social history. Harry Scheiber’s much-cited study of Woodrow Wilson and his cabinet explores the suppression of speech and print publication during an era of world war, the Red Scare, anti-foreign fervor, and unionism.
Wilson’s notable [...]


University of Chicago Law Review’s 2nd issue of 2013: conflicting property schemes, scrutiny tiers & constitutional theory, federalism, elections & reapportionment, and advisory opinions to the courts

The University of Chicago Law Review’s new issue features articles and essays from internationally recognized legal and policy scholars. Contents include:
• Article, “Property Lost in Translation,” by Abraham Bell & Gideon Parchomovsky
• Article, “Tiers of Scrutiny in Enumerated Powers Jurisprudence,” by Aziz Z. Huq
• Article, “State and Federal Models of the Interaction between Statutes and [...]


Harvard Law Review’s June 2013 Issue Covers Racial Capitalism, Shallow Signals, Heirs, and Civil Rights Lawyers

The Harvard Law Review is offered in a digital edition, featuring active Contents and URLs, linked notes, and proper ebook formatting. The contents of Issue 8 include:
• Article, “Racial Capitalism,” by Nancy Leong
• Essay, “Shallow Signals,” by Bert I. Huang
• Book Review, “All Unhappy Families: Tales of Old Age, Rational Actors, and the Disordered Life,” by [...]