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John Logue’s Novel of Southern Change and Choices in the Sixties is Digitally Remastered

Set in the tumultuous sixties, and published by Little, Brown in the eighties, this novel of a people’s governor and a Southern newspaperman still resonates with the moral choices that only strong people face. John Logue’s compelling fiction is available again, in a new digital edition. As Library Journal reviewed it, in its original release:
The [...]


Lawrence Friedman’s novel Who Killed Maggie Swift? Takes Reluctant Sleuth Frank May to the Dentist

Frank May practices law the safe, routine way: wills, trusts, business law. Books, forms, and documents. At least that’s the way he wants it…. But clients and life don’t always oblige. 
Frank avoids murder cases like most people avoid the dentist. That’s not so easy to do when a dead body shows up during his routine [...]


New England Law Review Joins Law Journal eBook Project with Volume 48, Issue 1

The New England Law Review now offers its issues in convenient and modern ebook formats for e-reader devices, apps, pads, smartphones, and computers. This first issue of Volume 48, Fall 2013, was published in 2014 and contains articles and presentations from leading figures of the academy, the judiciary, and the legal community. Contents of this [...]


Harvard Law Review, Feb. 2014, Explores Partisan Federalism, the Unnecessary Constitution, and State Action under Sebelius

The February 2014 issue (Volume 127, Number 4) features the following articles and essays:
• Article, “Partisan Federalism,” by Jessica Bulman-Pozen
• Book Review, “Never Mind the Constitution,” by Jeremy Waldron
• Note, “NFIB v. Sebelius and the Individualization of the State Action Doctrine”
In addition, student case notes explore Recent Cases on such diverse subjects as FDA limits [...]