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Harvard Law Review, #8, June 2014, Features Symposium on Freedom of the Press; plus Public Trials and Judicial Behavior

Harvard Law Review, Number 8 (June 2014), includes an extensive Symposium on Freedom of the Press, as well as an article, “The Criminal Court Audience in a Post-Trial World,” by Jocelyn Simonson, and a book review essay, “The Positive Foundations of Formalism: False Necessity and American Legal Realism,” by Lawrence B. Solum (reviewing Epstein, Landes, [...]


Jerold Auerbach explores Israeli legitimacy in his 2014 book Jewish State, Pariah Nation

Jewish statehood was restored in 1948 amid a struggle over legitimacy that has persisted in Israel ever since: Who rules? Who decides? Antagonism between the political left and right erupted into bloody violence over the Altalena. Secular-religious discord even made defining who is a Jew in a Jewish state contentious.
After the Six-Day War, the return [...]


Rutgers Computer & Tech Law Journal, #2, includes massive Bibliography of net, comm, and computer scholarship

The Rutgers Computer & Technology Law Journal now offers its issues in convenient and modern ebook formats for e-reader devices, apps, pads, smartphones, and computers. This second issue of Volume 40, 2014, was published in June 2014 and contains articles from leading figures of the academy, technology, and the legal community, as well as contributions [...]


Walter Murphy’s novels of World War II espionage and the life of St. Peter are Digitally Remastered

The acclaimed novel of spies, code-breaking, and intrigue in World War II Italy, by bestselling author Walter Murphy (The Vicar of Christ), is now a convenient ebook and a new paperback edition. Previously published by Macmillan and Dell, this book is now presented in a quality digital edition, including active Contents and proper formatting, as [...]