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Harvard Law Review, Feb. 2014, Explores Partisan Federalism, the Unnecessary Constitution, and State Action under Sebelius

The February 2014 issue (Volume 127, Number 4) features the following articles and essays:
• Article, “Partisan Federalism,” by Jessica Bulman-Pozen
• Book Review, “Never Mind the Constitution,” by Jeremy Waldron
• Note, “NFIB v. Sebelius and the Individualization of the State Action Doctrine”
In addition, student case notes explore Recent Cases on such diverse subjects as FDA limits [...]


John Flood’s Study of the Corporate Law Firm Reveals a Side of Law Practice Often Ignored: Inside

A legal scholar and sociologist, John Flood spent years observing a large law firm from the inside—much like an embedded journalist, but with the perspective of a researcher on the theory and practice of legal organizations. What he found and analyzed resulted in a study that has been cited by many scholars over the years [...]


Alabama’s early history is brought to life, from settlement to the Civil War

Jim Lewis’ new book on antebellum Alabama joins the History & Heroes Series.
The name Alabama comes from the Choctaw word meaning “clearers of the thickets,” inspiring the title of this fascinating new book. It examines Alabama’s early history beginning with the era of European colonization and culminating with the state’s controversial secession from the Union—after [...]


Harvard Law Review’s Jan. 2014 issue explores public enforcement & motivation, tech issues with internet & broadband, sentencing review, trademark in fashion, and more

The January 2014 issue (Volume 127, Number 3) includes the following articles and student contributions:
• Article, “For-Profit Public Enforcement,” by Margaret H. Lemos and Max Minzner
• Book Review, “Technological Determinism and Its Discontents,” by Christopher S. Yoo
• Note, “More than a Formality: The Case for Meaningful Substantive Reasonableness Review”
• Note, “Appointing State Attorneys General: [...]