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Stanford Law Review for June 2012 examines shareholder proxy access, DOMA and choice of law for gay marriages, and massive copyright infringement in a digital age

The June 2012 issue of the Stanford Law Review (the last for this academic year) contains studies of law, economics, and social policy by recognized scholars on diverse topics of interest to the academic and professional community. Contents for the issue include:
• “Beyond DOMA: Choice of State Law in Federal Statutes”
William Baude
• “Does Shareholder Proxy [...]


Yale Law Journal for June 2012 examines opt-out provisions, evaluating legal assistance, and the conflict between consumer protection and antitrust policy

This June 2012 issue of Yale Law Journal features articles by Ian Ayers on opt-out provisions and rule-altering, by James Greiner and Cassandra Pattanayak on randomized evaluation in legal assistance, and by Joshua Wright on a conflict between antitrust policy and consumer protection. Student work explores pretrial dismissal, fair mandatory arbitration, fair notice provisions, and corporate purposes.


Roscoe Pound’s The Spirit of the Common Law: Now an ebook, exploring law and sociological jurisprudence

Pound’s classic 1921 study of what law means—and the concept and history of rules, judicial process, social engineering, and legal reasoning—from the Dean of Harvard Law School and given in lectures at Dartmouth College that year. It is finally available in a high-quality ebook edition.

Digital reproductions of such classic texts are typically scanned and forgotten, [...]


University of Chicago Law Review offers its Maroonbook style guide in eBook formats

For more than twenty years, the editors of The University of Chicago Law Review have offered a simple, clear, and efficient system of legal citation and referencing for use by lawyers, students, and judges. The Maroonbook, as it is commonly called, provides an alternative to cumbersome and detailed methods of legal citation and produces consistent, [...]