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Yale Law Journal issue 7 (May 2012) examines voting, redistricting, and due process

This issue of The Yale Law Journal (the 7th issue of Volume 121, academic year 2011-2012) features articles and essays by several notable scholars. Principal contributors include Richard Re and Christopher Re, Nathan Chapman and Michael McConnell, Bruce Cain, Christopher Elmendorf and David Schleicher, and Joseph Fishkin.
The May issue’s complete Contents are:
“Voting and Vice: Criminal [...]


Edna Lee Booker’s classic Flight from China: Inside account of Japanese occupation of China and World War II

Edna Lee Booker was an internationally recognized foreign correspondent who lived in China for two decades, along with her businessman husband John Potter. Raising a family in Shanghai, they were there when the Japanese invaded and occupied China. Looked upon with the suspicion of Americans in wartime, they realized the increasing [...]


University of Chicago Law Review’s 2012 Issue 1: A Symposium on Understanding Education and Law, and Articles on Municipal Bankruptcy and Copyright

A leading law review now offers a quality eBook edition. This first issue of 2012 of the University of Chicago Law Review features articles and essays from internationally recognized legal and education scholars, including an extensive Symposium on understanding education and law in the United States. Topics include economic structures in education, teaching patriotism, charter [...]


Stanford Law Review issue 4 (Apr. 2012) examines economic pricing, interpreting videos, classical Greek democracy, and copyright law

This current issue of the Stanford Law Review contains studies of law, economics, and social policy by recognized scholars on diverse topics of interest to the academic and professional community.
Contents for the April 2012 issue include:
• The Tragedy of the Carrots: Economics and Politics in the Choice of Price Instruments
by Brian Galle
• “They Saw a [...]