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Samuel Krislov’s Representative Bureaucracy is back in paperback, hardcover & eBooks

“Professor Samuel Krislov’s Representative Bureaucracy remains among the most important and enduring books in the field of public administration and its intersection with political science. It takes the kernel of the idea, inchoately introduced in J. Donald Kingsley’s 1944 book by the same title, that public bureaucracies can be representative political institutions and it develops [...]


Talcott Parsons’ Foundational Book, The Social System: Digitally Remastered, adds analytical Intro by Neil Smelser

The classic and unabridged work on the theory of sociology from one of its greatest voices in the U.S. over the 2oth century is finally available in a modern, affordable eBook, and new paperback. We are proud to note that this is Quid Pro’s 100th book published to Amazon Kindle since April 2010, in addition [...]


Abernethy’s classic history examines Tennessee and democracy in emerging territories: From Frontier to Plantation in Tennessee

FROM FRONTIER TO PLANTATION IN TENNESSEE is the classic book by late UVa professor of history Thomas Perkins Abernethy about the formative years of Tennessee and its  early political leadership. Now republished in a quality paperback edition without underlines and distracting stray marks, it has been Digitally Remastered to restore missing parts of words, cleaner [...]


Harvard Law Review’s January 2013 issue explores politicians and redistricting, copyright reform, the independent status of the SEC, & recent cases

The Harvard Law Review is offered in a digital edition for ereaders and pads, featuring active Contents, linked notes, and proper ebook formatting. The contents of Issue 3, January 2013, include:
• Article, “Politicians as Fiduciaries,” by D. Theodore Rave
• Book Review, “Is Copyright Reform Possible?” by Pamela Samuelson
• Note, “The SEC Is Not an Independent [...]