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Yale Law Journal, 2013, No. 4 Explores Second Amendment Analysis, Presidential Power to Appoint, Filibusters & Burqas

One of the world’s leading law journals is available as an eBook. This issue of the Yale Law Journal (the fourth of Vol. 122, academic year 2012-2013) features new articles and essays on law and legal theory by internationally recognized scholars. Contents include:
• Article: Text, History, and Tradition: What the Seventh Amendment Can Teach Us [...]


Maids and Caregivers in Saudi Arabia & UAE: Antoinette Vlieger explores their conflicts, the available norms and law, and petropolitics

Part of the Human Rights & Culture Series, Antoinette Vlieger’s Domestic Workers in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates brings home, through frank interviews, the dilemmas at issue when migrant maids and caregivers make their homes in oil-rich countries. Page 1 opens with a jarring turn: “Filipina domestic worker, employed in Riyadh: ‘Really they are good [...]


Harvard Law Review’s Feb. 2013 issue explores unbundled legal aid, presidential power, preemption, human trafficking, and Indian canon

The Harvard Law Review is offered as an ebook, featuring active Contents, linked notes, and proper formatting. The contents of Issue 4 include:
• Article, “The Limits of Unbundled Legal Assistance: A Randomized Study in a Massachusetts District Court and Prospects for the Future,” by D. James Greiner, Cassandra Wolos Pattanayak, and Jonathan Hennessy
• Book Review, [...]


Origins of World War I by Durkheim and Denis: Who Wanted War?

A historic monograph about the origins of World War I. Two famed University of Paris professors document their “brief” on the diplomatic and historic causes of the Great War, and especially its spread throughout Europe. Published early on in the conflict—as current events—the tract serves as a fascinating rebuttal to the usual assumptions.

It was not just about Sarajevo.