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Meltsner’s novel Short Takes, on the angst and trials of an urban lawyer, republished to eBook and paperback

Novel, first published by Random House, about a liberal lawyer’s urban journeys in New York, facing the angst of seeing his work undone by institutional inertia and his relationships undone by indecision and the handcuffs of people’s expected roles. “…Engaging and extremely well written first novel, creates a character of enormous vitality and considerable charm, funny, caring…” –Boston Globe


Yale Law Journal’s Issue 4, January 2012, Features Kaplow on burdens of proof and essays on sovereign debt and bankruptcy

This issue of Yale Law Journal features articles and essays by several notable scholars. Principal contributors are Louis Kaplow (on burdens of proof and their reasons), Richard Schragger (on democracy and debt), and Anna Gelpern (on quasi-sovereign bankruptcy). Also features student contributions on guilty pleas and on voting rights.


Selznick’s Leadership in Administration, Exploring Institutional Character and Commitment, Is Digitally Remastered

Foundational and influential analysis of how institutions work and how leadership promotes them. Featuring a substantive introduction by Robert Rosen, Philip Selznick’s great book — it practically invented the genre of executive leadership studies and is the lively response to the “rationalist” approach to organizations — is re-released in ebooks. Adopted in courses on sociology, management, organizations, and leadership for business … also government and the military. Original pagination is included.


Stanford Law Review’s 1st Issue of 2012 Explores Gun Rights, Federalism in Health Care Reform, Establishing Official Islam, and Lobbying

A leading law journal features a digital edition as part of its worldwide distribution, using quality ebook formatting and active links. In fact,  Stanford Law Review, in January 2011, became the first general-interest law review to release current editions in ebook formats; six previous issues from volume 63 are available in Kindle, Nook and [...]