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Malcolm Feeley’s classic Court Reform on Trial on Innovation & Failure in the Criminal Process, now Digitally Remastered™

COURT REFORM ON TRIAL is a recognized study of innovation in the process of criminal justice, and why it so often fails—despite the best intentions of judges, administrators, and reformers. The arc of innovation to disappointment is analyzed for such ideas as bail reform, pretrial diversion, speedy trials, and determinate sentencing. A much-maligned system of [...]


Dingwall’s Social Organisation of Health Visitor Training Returns with New Preface by the Author

A book that was hard to find but much cited and well reviewed finds a new home at Quid Pro Books, in multiple digital formats, as a Digitally Remastered Book.™ Its digital edition features new material, too.
Robert Dingwall’s classic and original study of the training of health visitors (public health nurses) in the UK is [...]


University of Chicago Law Review, Fall 2013, studies bankruptcy, precedent, copyright, and judicial good faith, plus six Comments

The University of Chicago Law Review’s 4th and final issue, Fall 2013, features articles and essays from internationally recognized legal scholars, as well as extensive student research in the form of Comments. Contents of Volume 80, Number 4, are:
• Bankruptcy Law as a Liquidity Provider, by Kenneth Ayotte & David A. Skeel Jr.
• Impeaching Precedent, [...]


Harvard Law Review, #2, Dec. 2013: Honoring Dworkin, ‘Lost’ Essay by Hart on Discretion, Article on Media Leaks, and Notes & Recent Cases

The December 2013 issue of the Harvard Law Review is dedicated to the memory of Ronald Dworkin, with In Memoriam essays offered by Richard Fallon, Jr., Charles Fried, John C.P. Goldberg, Frances Kamm, Frank Michelman, Martha Minow, and Laurence Tribe.
The issue features an article by David Pozen entitled “The Leaky Leviathan: Why the Government Condemns [...]