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Yale Law Journal’s Issue 6 (April 2012) Studies WikiLeaks, Dissolving Cities, and the Interplay of Votes and Rights

This issue of The Yale Law Journal (the 6th issue of Volume 121, academic year 2011-2012, Apr. 2012) features articles and essays by several notable scholars. Principal contributors include Daryl Levinson (on votes and rights), Michelle Wilde Anderson (on dissolving cities), and Patricia Bella (on WikiLeaks and national security). The issue also features student contributions [...]


Michael O’Neal’s new Slavery, Smallholding and Tourism Examines the British Virgin Islands with Anthropology and History

Explores the political economy of development in the BVI — from plantations, through a smallholding economy, to the rise of tourism. The demise of plantations ushered in a century of imperial disinterest, then a new “monocrop” — tourism — became ascendant. Using an historical and anthropological approach, O’Neal shows how later reliance on tourism and other dependent industries affects many BVIslanders — called the “Belongers” — in ways that echo their historical and economic heritage.


Anthology of Key West’s Greatest Writers Includes Hemingway, Dos Passos, Tennessee Williams, Hunter Thompson, and Elizabeth Bishop

The Key West Reader features 25 of the most insightful and entertaining works that resonate from Key West: an edited collection of the finest literary and poetic works about Key West or from writers who lived in, or were touched by their time in, the Florida island community. It is said that Key West hosts [...]


Martin Shapiro Links Freedom of Speech with the Legitimate Political Role of the Supreme Court

A classic study of the free speech right and especially the function of the Supreme Court in review—in effect answering, before his time, Chief Justice Roberts’ claim that judges are neutral umpires. Such judicial modesty ignores the Court’s political role in governing and protecting under-represented citizens.

In paperback edition, plus Kindle, Nook, Apple, and other ebook formats.