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John Dewey’s 1910 How We Think Becomes a Digitally Remastered Book™ in Paperback

The “thought process” laid bare. One of America’s greatest philosophers and educators examines the nature and process of human reasoning, intellect, and emotion. John Dewey took a common sense approach to the subject, using examples and explanations that resonate today. His pragmatism has influenced much modern philosophy and the social [...]


Meltsner’s Cruel and Unusual: Inside Story of the NAACP Inc. Fund Lawyers Who Fought to Abolish the Death Penalty

Michael Meltsner’s inside account, accessible to a wide audience and reading like a novel, of a small band of Fund lawyers and their 9-year struggle to end the death penalty. New edition features a 2011 Foreword by death-penalty author Evan Mandery of CUNY’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice, as well as a new Preface by the author. In paperback and 9 ebook formats.
The mission seemed as impossible then as going to the moon…


James Fenimore Cooper spins tale of sailing, smuggling and romance in The Water-Witch

This unabridged and complete presentation of THE WATER-WITCH is unlike any reproduction of a vintage printing available (as is apparent in Previewing other offerings). It is unlike both new formattings which use small print to pack the story into half the pages (or give half the book), and typical vintage republications, whose [...]


University of Chicago Law Review’s issue 3 of 2012 now out: internet censorship, spreading pollution, juries nullifying comparative fault

A leading law review offers a quality ebook edition. This third issue of 2012 features articles from internationally recognized legal scholars, and extensive research in Comments authored by University of Chicago Law School students. Contents for the issue include:
“Orwell’s Armchair,” by Derek E. Bambauer
“Jury Nullification in Modified Comparative Negligence Regimes,” by Eli K. [...]