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Historian Jerold Auerbach Writes Against the Grain, His Essays and Columns Collected

A new book by this recognized historian, writer and professor emeritus at Wellesley College, Against the Grain: A Historian’s Journey collects many accessible and heartfelt essays and book chapters from his greatest works over the years. Available in hardcover, paperback, and leading eBook formats.
“I was exceedingly fortunate to teach (for forty years) in an elite [...]


Émile Durkheim’s classic Professional Ethics and Civic Morals is Digitally Remastered to eBook, Hardcover, and Paperback editions

Émile Durkheim’s foundational lecture series on civic roles and duties and the concept of the State, and on ethics in professions and trade groups, is at last presented in a quality digital edition (and new paperback). The ebook features usable formatting, linked notes and Contents, embedded pagination from standard print editions, [...]


Barbara Wester pens imaginative novel The Illuminatrix for young adults and old adults

“When you find the truth, you may find that you cannot control its power.”
Would you tell the truth if it meant losing your job? Would you tell the truth if it meant challenging your government? Would you tell the truth if it meant a death sentence? What if you had to decide today? Sixteen-year-old Anne [...]


Classic Bio of Ben Franklin by John Morse is a New Paperback, a Digitally Remastered Book

John Torrey Morse’s beloved biography of Benjamin Franklin, originally published in 1889 in the American Statesmen Series, is presented as a quality new paperback. The Digitally Remastered™ edition removes underlines and distracting stray marks, repairs missing parts of words, and is presented with enhanced, clearer text as compared to most such republications today. It even [...]