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Stanford Law Review March 2012 issue 3: Prosecuting the exonerated and double jeopardy, feminism and conflict of laws, and fragmentation nodes in finance

This new issue of the Stanford Law Review contains studies of law, economics, and social policy by recognized scholars on diverse topics of interest to the academic and professional community. Contents for the March 2012 issue include:
• “Prosecuting the Exonerated: Actual Innocence and the Double Jeopardy Clause” by Jordan M. Barry
• “From Multiculturalism to Technique: [...]


Stanford Law Review’s Feb. 2012 Issue #2 Explores National Security, Thought Control, and Shareholder Liability

Contents for this February 2012 issue (Vol. 64, #2) include:
• “National Security Federalism in the Age of Terror”
By Matthew C. Waxman
• “Incriminating Thoughts”
By Nita A. Farahany
• “Elective Shareholder Liability”
By Peter Conti-Brown
• Note, “Harrington’s Wake: Unanswered Questions on AEDPA’s Application to Summary Dispositions”
By Matthew Seligman
• Comment, “Boumediene Applied Badly: The Extraterritorial Constitution After Al Maqaleh v. [...]


Hardback, paperback & ebook: Rosen on the Roles and Dilemmas of Attorneys in Advising Corporations

Acclaimed study in law & society — already used and cited for its path-breaking research — passed around before in looseleaf, now available worldwide as a new book. Features new Foreword and Preface. In paperback, cloth and multiple digital formats. Called a “cult classic” and “wonderful” in recent blog posts.

“…Should be read by everyone interested in how law matters to organizations of all kinds.” –Prof. Jonathan Simon, UC Berkeley School of Law

“A pioneering work in the sociology of the legal profession and a foundational piece in the slowly emerging canon of empirical research on inside counsel…normatively challenges the legal profession’s ideology of moral ‘independence.’” — Prof. Sung Hui Kim, UCLA, from the new Foreword


Yale Law Journal’s Issue 6 (April 2012) Studies WikiLeaks, Dissolving Cities, and the Interplay of Votes and Rights

This issue of The Yale Law Journal (the 6th issue of Volume 121, academic year 2011-2012, Apr. 2012) features articles and essays by several notable scholars. Principal contributors include Daryl Levinson (on votes and rights), Michelle Wilde Anderson (on dissolving cities), and Patricia Bella (on WikiLeaks and national security). The issue also features student contributions [...]