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Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Travel and History Essays While Living in England as U.S. Consul

It helped to have a college friend who was the President of the United States.
This classic collection of essays and travel observations is newly presented by Quid Pro Books as a Digitally Remastered Book.™ Rather than reducing its font size and cramping the text into a smaller book, and consistent with its vintage presentation in [...]


Thomas Reed Powell’s classic Vagaries and Varieties of Constitutional Interpretation is digitally remastered to new eBooks; and in paperback

The classic study of historical and then-emerging ways in which the U.S. Constitution has been interpreted and applied, especially as regards judicial power to review congressional acts, sharing of power between states and the federal government, Lochnerism, the change in the Supreme Court during the Roosevelt years, taxing power, and interstate commerce. Thomas Reed Powell [...]


Abbott and Johnson’s classic study of public administration in ancient Rome is republished as digitally remastered

MUNICIPAL ADMINISTRATION IN THE ROMAN EMPIRE is Frank Abbott and Allan Johnson’s classic and much-cited study of the origins of professional administration and bureaucracy in the Roman Empire. The text features source materials and extensive notes, including municipal documents in Greek and Latin from Italy and the provinces, as well as [...]


Lawyer, Train Robber, Convict, Candidate for Governor, Author. They All Wore the Same Hat.

Finally a lawyer and politician who openly campaigned on the fact that he was a thief.
The New York Times, April 5, 1914: “HOW I ROBBED TRAINS: BY A CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR; Al Jennings, Reformed Outlaw and Ex-Convict, Who Expects to be Chief Executive of Oklahoma, Tells the Story of His Exploits as Head [...]