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New England Law Review, Volume 49, Nos. 1-2 (2014-2015): On confrontation clause, constitutional interpretation, outpatient commitment, and patent law

The New England Law Review now offers its issues in convenient digital formats for e-reader devices, apps, pads, smartphones, and computers. This second issue of Volume 49 (2015) contains articles by leading figures of the legal community. Contents include:
“A Reliable and Clear-Cut Determination: Is a Separate Hearing Required to Decide When Confrontation Forfeiture by Wrongdoing [...]


Harvard Law Review, June 2015: Origins of low-value speech, legal change in the modern Supreme Court, and causation in toxic torts

The Harvard Law Review, June 2015, is offered in a digital edition. Contents include:
• Article, “Active Avoidance: The Modern Supreme Court and Legal Change,” by Neal Kumar Katyal and Thomas P. Schmidt
• Article, “The Invention of Low-Value Speech,” by Genevieve Lakier
• Book Review, “Crown and Constitution,” by Tara Helfman
• Note, “Causation in Environmental Law: Lessons [...]


Eliezer Segal’s new collection of fun, informative essays on the Jewish calendar: A Time for Every Purpose

A Time for Every Purpose continues the series of collections of Eliezer Segal’s beloved and witty articles about the Jewish sacred calendar — articles that originally appeared in his From the Sources column in the Calgary Jewish Free Press between 2011 and 2015. As always, the author strives to maintain [...]


Yale Law Journal, May 2015 Issue 7: on punishing offenses under treaties, administrative severability clauses, judges citing scholarship, and Hobby Lobby

The contents of the May 2015 issue (Volume 124, Number 7) are:
• Defining and Punishing Offenses Under Treaties, Sarah H. Cleveland & William S. Dodge
• Administrative Severability Clauses, Charles W. Tyler & E. Donald Elliott
• Class Ascertainability, Geoffrey C. Shaw
• The Right To Be Rescued: Disability Justice in an Age of Disaster, Adrien A. Weibgen
• [...]

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