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Peter Gabel’s new book Another Way of Seeing: in hardcover, paperback and eBooks

In ANOTHER WAY OF SEEING, critical legal studies scholar Peter Gabel argues that our most fundamental spiritual need as human beings is the desire for authentic mutual recognition. Because we live in a world in which this desire is systematically denied due to the legacy of fear of the other that has been passed on [...]


Yale Law Journal Nov. ‘13: Rise of Legislative History, Citizens United as a Press Case, and Mens Rea for Accomplices

The second issue of The Yale Law Journal’s Volume 123 features articles on law and legal theory by internationally recognized scholars. Contents include:
• Article, “Leviathan and Interpretive Revolution: The Administrative State, the Judiciary, and the Rise of Legislative History, 1890-1950,” by Nicholas R. Parrillo
• Essay, “Reconsidering Citizens United as a Press Clause Case,” Michael W. [...]


Exploring Disaster from a global and sociological perspective; new book joins the Contemporary Society Series

Legal governance of disaster brings both care and punishment to the upending of daily life of place-based disasters. National states use disasters to reorganize how they govern. The collection in Disaster and Sociolegal Studies, edited by Denver University professor Susan Sterett, considers how law is implicated in disaster. The late modern expectation that states are [...]


Harvard Law Review’s Nov. 2013 issue reviews Supreme Court’s last Term, honors Justice Ginsburg, and features Siegel, Issacharoff, Klarman & Murphy

The November issue, Number 1, is the special annual review of the U.S. Supreme Court’s previous Term. Each year, the issue is introduced by noteworthy and extensive contributions from recognized scholars. In this issue, for the 2012 Term, articles and essays include:
• Foreword: “Equality Divided,” by Reva B. Siegel
• Comment: “Beyond the Discrimination Model on [...]