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Harvard Law Review’s Issue 2 (Dec. 2012): separation of powers, class actions, fixing Washington, student loan bankruptcy, DOMA, and more

Available in ebooks even before the print edition is sold, the Harvard Law Review is offered in a high-quality digital edition, featuring active Contents and linked notes. Issue 2 includes articles by such scholars as Margaret Lemos, Curtis Bradley & Trevor Morrison, and Richard Hasen, as well as extensive student commentary.


Lee Scheingold’s One Silken Thread ties poetry, loss, and introspection

Lee Scheingold’s rich, painful personal journey—following the death of her husband, famed political scientist Stuart Scheingold—is described from the points of view which have informed her life: psychoanalysis, clinical social work, Buddhist meditation, and family medicine. Poetry is the connecting thread, beginning with the Russian poems she studied long ago in college, and then to [...]


Yale Law Journal Issue 2, Nov. 2012, features new articles by Karen Tani, Adrian Vermeule and Andrew Coan

One of the world’s leading law journals is available in quality ebook formats for ereader devices and apps. This issue of The Yale Law Journal (the second issue of Volume 122, academic year 2012-2013) features new articles and essays on law and legal theory, and in particular examines: the language of rights discourse, even before [...]


The annotated Common Law: Holmes Gets Decoded for a New Generation, in Hardcover, Paperback & eBook

The only corrected and annotated version available of this foundational work on law and legal reasoning, read by generations of law students, scholars, and historians — now in a 2010 edition with an explanatory Foreword, active contents, linked and numbered footnotes, and clarifying annotations throughout. In hardcover, paperback, and eight digital versions.