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Abernethy’s classic history examines Tennessee and democracy in emerging territories: From Frontier to Plantation in Tennessee

FROM FRONTIER TO PLANTATION IN TENNESSEE is the classic book by late UVa professor of history Thomas Perkins Abernethy about the formative years of Tennessee and its  early political leadership. Now republished in a quality paperback edition without underlines and distracting stray marks, it has been Digitally Remastered to restore missing parts of words, cleaner [...]


Harvard Law Review’s January 2013 issue explores politicians and redistricting, copyright reform, the independent status of the SEC, & recent cases

The Harvard Law Review is offered in a digital edition for ereaders and pads, featuring active Contents, linked notes, and proper ebook formatting. The contents of Issue 3, January 2013, include:
• Article, “Politicians as Fiduciaries,” by D. Theodore Rave
• Book Review, “Is Copyright Reform Possible?” by Pamela Samuelson
• Note, “The SEC Is Not an Independent [...]


Harvard Law Review’s Issue 2 (Dec. 2012): separation of powers, class actions, fixing Washington, student loan bankruptcy, DOMA, and more

Available in ebooks even before the print edition is sold, the Harvard Law Review is offered in a high-quality digital edition, featuring active Contents and linked notes. Issue 2 includes articles by such scholars as Margaret Lemos, Curtis Bradley & Trevor Morrison, and Richard Hasen, as well as extensive student commentary.


Lee Scheingold’s One Silken Thread ties poetry, loss, and introspection

Lee Scheingold’s rich, painful personal journey—following the death of her husband, famed political scientist Stuart Scheingold—is described from the points of view which have informed her life: psychoanalysis, clinical social work, Buddhist meditation, and family medicine. Poetry is the connecting thread, beginning with the Russian poems she studied long ago in college, and then to [...]