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University of Chicago Law Review offers its Maroonbook style guide in eBook formats

For more than twenty years, the editors of The University of Chicago Law Review have offered a simple, clear, and efficient system of legal citation and referencing for use by lawyers, students, and judges. The Maroonbook, as it is commonly called, provides an alternative to cumbersome and detailed methods of legal citation and produces consistent, [...]


Harvard Law Review issue 8, June 2012: Developments on Presidential power, article on Spatial Diversity & redistricting, and review essay on Constitutional Originalism

The June 2012 issue features the Harvard Law Review’s annual, extensive, and famous DEVELOPMENTS IN THE LAW section; this year’s subject examines Presidential Authority. Issue 8 also includes an article by Nicholas Stephanopoulos, “Spatial Diversity,” which analyzes redistricting and other concepts of population dispersion, and a Book Review by Michael Dorf, [...]


JM Review of IP Law special 2012 symposium issue explores IP and tech issues in China

Each spring, RIPL produces a symposium law review issue. The special symposium on APPLICATIONS OF LAW IP IN CHINA was held at John Marshall in April 2012, and brought together the leading voices on Sino-U.S. matters of IP law, innovation, and trade policy. In this important contribution, RIPL presents current articles on China and Asia–essentially a new book by experts in this emerging field.
In Kindle, Apple, and Nook formats.


Physics for Entertainment: A classic Russian book that delivers on the fun-with-physics promise of its title

Soviet popular-science writer Yakov I. Perelman makes physics fun in his classic English-language book Physics for Entertainment: Book One, offering real-world applications, demonstrations, and fascinating phenomena that remain relevant—and educational—to modern readers. This book explains many of the most entertaining aspects of the physical world and its principles, including optical illusions, light tricks and mirages, [...]