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Baltimore and the 19th of April, 1861 is a first-hand account of the beginning of the Civil War in a contested border state

A vivid and fascinating first-person account of Maryland at the beginning of the Civil War, its Southern sympathizers and support for slavery, the attempted assassination of Lincoln, and the 1861 riots that tore Baltimore apart and brought the Union and martial law to the border state that fringed the nation’s capital.  Author George William Brown [...]


Lawrence Friedman’s Mystery The Book Club Murder Drags Lawyer Frank May into his Wife’s Domain

Frank May hates trouble, as a lawyer and as a guy. But it likes him just fine. For someone who practices wills and trusts law because it is far from the scene of murder and mayhem, he has a knack for being caught up in it anyway.
Which is why he thought he was fortune’s friend [...]


Acclaimed sociologist Amitai Etzioni’s newest book plays Law in a New Key

Most issues of law and social policy can be understood better through a lens that balances rights and interests –and protects all of us while protecting each of us–says Etzioni in his latest of 30 books. Explores drone wars, TSA scanners, internet privacy, norms, terrorism, shaming, and DNA banks.
In paperback and eight digital formats for all e-readers.


A Dictionary of Civil Law Terminology in Louisiana: Usufruct and Naked Owners Are Explained to Common Lawyers and Civilians

With obscure terms like emphyteusis and jactitation, the language of the civil law can sometimes confuse students and even seasoned practitioners. But the Louisiana Civil Law Dictionary can help. It defines every word and phrase contained in the index to the Louisiana Civil Code, plus many more–in clear and concise language–and provides current citations to [...]