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Eleanor Lothrop’s Throw Me a Bone Tells of Adventures in Archaeology in South America

“If you marry a man it is presumably because you like the man and not, necessarily, his profession. Marrying a mortician or a dentist, for instance, does not presuppose a passionate interest in and a knowledge of embalming or filling teeth. Yet an archaeologist’s bride is expected to emerge from the [...]


Yale Law Journal’s December 2011 Issue (No. 3): Masur on Patent Inflation and Gluck on Federalism in Health Reform

One of the world’s leading law journals is available in quality eBook formats for eReader devices and apps. This issue of The Yale Law Journal (the third issue of Volume 121, Dec. 2011, academic year 2011-2012) features articles on “patent inflation” and on implementing federal health care reform within a state under principles of federalism. [...]


Scheingold’s The Law in Political Integration Explores Federalizing the Early Forms of the EU

Really, what became the EU, from a disparate mishmash of treaties, organizations, and economic groupings. And always law, before most people could imagine the extent of political integration it would engender. But Stuart A. Scheingold saw what it could become, what law could do for that process, and analyzed the state of that process from [...]


Harvard Law Review’s annual issue reviewing Supreme Court Term, and scholarly Foreword, now out in Kindle, Apple, and Nook formats

Issue number 1 of the academic year 2011-12 is now available, HLR’s November 2011 issue analyzing the 2010 Term of the U.S. Supreme Court. This special issue is read widely for its summaries and analyses of the law in cases involving the U.S. Constitution, federal statutes and jurisdiction, patent law, and many other subjects recently [...]