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Auerbach’s Brothers at War Explores the Altalena and Today’s Implications: An Israeli Ship Destroyed By Israeli Soldiers

All-new in summer 2011: Jerold Auerbach’s probing and poignant exploration of the tragedy of the Altalena, the doomed ship whose arrival in Israel ignited Jewish fratricidal conflict only weeks after the 1948 declaration of statehood. This new book is the first on the Altalena by a historian, the first to explore it within the context of ancient Jewish and contemporary Israeli history. In ebooks, hardcover, and paperback.


Harvard Law Review’s Dec. 2011 Issue as an eBook: Orin Kerr, Jamal Greene and Michael Klarman

The Harvard Law Review’s December 2011 Issue (Volume 125, Number 2) is available in quality eBook editions from Quid Pro Books.
Articles in this issue are from such recognized scholars as Jamal Greene (writing on notorious or anti-canonical Supreme Court cases like Lochner and Plessy), Orin Kerr (on Fourth Amendment theory), and Michael Klarman (reviewing in [...]


JM Review of IP Law Special Symposium Issue on Biotech and Health Issues

One of the leading IP law journals in the world presents it second special symposium issue to go ebook (the 2010 issue, available as well, centered on the “green” movement and its intellectual property law issues). This current edition of John Marshall RIPL is the new 2011 Special Issue, with seven cutting-edge articles from recognized lawyers and scholars of IP law and biotech/health sciences. In ebook formats.


Detailed Stanford Law Review Symposium on Patent Law After Bilski v. Kappos

This new issue is a special June 2011 Symposium, featuring cutting-edge articles on patent law and other IP issues related to genetic and biotech innovation and “business methods” — after the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in Bilski and beyond: “The Future of Patents.” Contributors include such internationally recognized IP scholars as John Duffy, Peter Menell, Mark Lemley, Michael Risch, Polk Wagner, Ted Sichelman, Rochelle Dreyfuss, and Robin Feldman.