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New Titles in IP Include the “Green” John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law

Books and a leading IP law review go digital in an historic way, working with Quid Pro.

The latest edition — the Special “Green Issue” — of John Marshall RIPL is now AVAILABLE as an ebook, download, or active PDF, from Amazon and other sites.

Books Defying Categories

Now out in print: Federal Standards of Review, 4th ed.

In its new Fourth Edition, in three volumes, a product of LexisNexis Publishing Co.


Holmes’ The Path of the Law and The Common Law: Combined Edition for eReaders, iPads, Android, and Apps

Two of the greatest works of law and political philosophy, both by legendary legal icon Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., are conveniently combined into one new, affordable digital edition. The Common Law in 1881 pronounced that experience and policy, not precedent and logic, are superior tools for judges–and “The Path of the Law” expanded on his pragmatic view that law is what judges do and what people obey, not some inherent morality.


Adversarialism and Consensus? studies different styles of UK Solicitors and Divorce Mediators

Lisa Webley compares the professional styles and attitudes in the UK of the legal profession and mediators in handling divorce cases. Law and sociology presented in quality digital formats with active contents, linked footnotes, and formatted tables.

Now also available in paperback at B&N etc., and for eight digital platforms.

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