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UCLA’s Joel Handler, in Law & the Search for Community, Goes Beyond Liberalism on Issues of Welfare, Medical Consent, Pollution, Special Ed, Elder Care (ebooks and now in print)

Law and the Search for Community is not your typical left-liberal study of the needs of powerless people and the power of government actors.  It does not propose more law, more rights, more bureaucracy, more lawyering.  It  instead exposes the tensions of the usual rights-empowerment and due process response to such community needs as to [...]


New fiction by Lawrence Friedman: Death of a Wannabe is a modern murder mystery in the tradition of Agatha Christie

Reluctant trusts & estates lawyer meets mysterious murder of a client, apparently by another client. Frank May practices law, but he’s getting by doing only the safe, bland kind–writing wills, forming partnerships, processing papers. Far from the seedy adventures of criminal law. But a dead body wakes you up and takes you to places you don’t want to be…


Jerold Auerbach’s journeys, hearing Jacob’s Voices, make him confront being American and Jewish

An acclaimed American professor of U.S. history finds his roots in a personal journey through Israel (and through assimilated America, academia, and family), into deep tensions about culture, identity and religion. Available in paperback, Kindle, Sony, and Nook formats, plus online and PDF.

AVAILABLE in multiple digital formats and a new paperback too.


New Titles in IP Include the “Green” John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law

Books and a leading IP law review go digital in an historic way, working with Quid Pro.

The latest edition — the Special “Green Issue” — of John Marshall RIPL is now AVAILABLE as an ebook, download, or active PDF, from Amazon and other sites.

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