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The Right to Privacy: Warren and Brandeis

Warren and Brandeis’s “The Right to Privacy,” with 2010 Foreword. Includes photos and rare news clippings.

Part of the Legal Legends Series.

Benefit Tulane PILF Series

Hot Topics in the Legal Profession ~ 2010

Current important events in the U.S. legal profession and legal ethics, with up-to-the-minute research and rules, are explored by Tulane law students from an advanced ethics seminar of spring 2010 and several independent study papers, and by a legal ethics professor in his Foreword. Also in paperback.

BUY IT IN PAPERBACK and also AVAILABLE in ebook at Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

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QP Blog

We do paper editions too

Although we specialize in quality digital publishing, we are happy to produce and sell internationally your work in paperback form, through traditional sales as well as digital.  Existing print books that have shown the market sustains print sales, for example, should be published in both forms.  And we can work with your traditional publisher to [...]

Spanish language books

Spanish language books anticipated by San Fermin (July 7)

Available now: our new series of digital books on law and the social sciences in Spanish, available worldwide.

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