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Books Defying Categories

We are not just categories

Propose a book that defies categorization and you still will belong.

Legal History & Biography

We seek classic timeless studies of judges and legal history

Even if out of print, they may need to find a new life with digital remastering.  We can help.
And we love history related to law, judges, and political figures.  We already have some  on the way, but our library has room for more.
We also seek submission of original manuscripts and dissertations in these and related [...]

Dissertation Series

Submit your dissertation, get it out there, still publish traditionally if you want

Keep your options open but make your dissertation available and get it read and cited.  All while you may still work it into a newer edition for submission to traditional publishers.
Unlike some digital dissertation sites that are no more than vanit-epresses, your book will be sold on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and other traditional [...]

Benefit Tulane PILF Series


And help fund public interest law and indigent representations through royalties supporting the nonprofit Tulane Public Interest Law Foundation.
Become a Series Editor and propose a collected, edited symposium book in our Benefit Tulane PILF Series.  The net proceeds fund public interest projects and indigent representations by Tulane PILF, an organization of law student volunteers.
You still [...]

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