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Wester’s book Land Divided By Law explores environmental history of Yakama Indians in Pacific Northwest

Wester’s environmental history of Yakama and Euro-American cultural interactions during the 19th and early 20th century explores the role of law in both curtailing and promoting rights to subsistence resources within a market economy. Her study, using original source files, case histories, and contemporary writings, particularly describes how the struggle [...]


Harvard Law Review, May ‘15, on foreign relations law, changing family law, and bankrupt student loans

The Harvard Law Review, May 2015, is offered in a digital edition. Contents include:
• Article, “The Normalization of Foreign Relations Law,” by Ganesh Sitaraman and Ingrid Wuerth
• Book Review, “The Family, in Context,” by Maxine Eichner
• Note, “Forgive and Forget: Bankruptcy Reform in the Context of For-Profit Colleges”

In addition, the issue features student commentary on Recent Cases and policy positions, including such subjects as: retroactive prosecution of conspiracy to commit war crimes at Guantanamo; holding a legislature in contempt for unconstitutional funding of education; bullying and criminal harassment law; first amendment implications of high school suppression of violent speech; using statistics to prove False Claims Act [...]


Bert Kritzer’s Lawyers at Work: a new collection of studies and insights on the legal profession

This collection of articles and essays by Herbert Kritzer draws on his extensive research related to lawyers and legal practice conducted over the last 35 years. That research has applied existing theoretical frameworks and developed innovative ways of thinking about how to understand what it is that lawyers do. The chapters reflect the wide range [...]

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