Pritchett’s The Roosevelt Court is a classic of law & society, exploring decision-making on the Supreme Court over a decade

THE ROOSEVELT COURT is a brilliant analysis of Supreme Court decisions during a crucial decade in the Supreme Court’s history, by a political scientist “interested in the social and psychological origins of judicial attitudes and the influence of individual predilections on the development of law.” A much-cited classic of the Court and judicial decision-making from [...]

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Delmar Karlen’s classic comparison of appeals courts in US and UK is Digitally Remastered™ in print and ebook

Considered a classic of comparative law and legal systems, this book has been twice reprinted since its first appearance 50 years ago, and is now available in a high-quality digital edition. No work has so openly and extensively—using hands-on observations by the leading legal figures of the time—compared appellate courts in two common law countries. [...]

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Kitty Calavita goes Inside the State, with the rise and fall of the Bracero INS Program

The classic study of the rise and demise — among controversy and abuse — of the INS farmworker program of Braceros is now Digitally Remastered and available for classrooms and other interested readers, with a new Foreword. Available in ebook formats for Kindle, Sony, Nook, & iPad — and in new paperback, including bulk sales.

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Lance Bennett & Martha Feldman Examine Juries and Narrative: What Makes People Believe a Witness?

Reconstructing Reality in the Courtroom explains what makes stories believable and how ordinary people connect complex legal arguments and evidence presented in trials to assess guilt and innocence. The explanation takes the core elements of narrative—the who, what, where, when, how, why—and shows how average people who hear hundreds of stories every day use the [...]

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Sybille Bedford’s The Faces of Justice observes judging, personally, in five European countries

Novelist Sybille Bedford was a German-born writer of Jewish heritage who, as a refugee from Germany, lived and wrote in Italy, France, the United States, and England. In this compelling classic, she watched courts closely—and with remarkable insight—in England, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. There, she found stories of human frailty and impulse, even at the bench and bar.

Part of the Classics of Law & Society Series, but written for a wide, U.S. audience.

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Frank Zimring’s The Changing Legal World of Adolescence is Digitally Remastered™ in eBooks & in paperback

This work attempts to explain changes in the legal conception of adolescence as a stage of life and as a transition to adulthood. The intended audience includes lawyers and others—such as parents, professionals, and kids—puzzled by trends labeled “children’s liberation” and “the revolution in juvenile justice.” Much cited and long recognized as an authority, it [...]

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Malcolm Feeley’s classic Court Reform on Trial on Innovation & Failure in the Criminal Process, now Digitally Remastered™

COURT REFORM ON TRIAL is a recognized study of innovation in the process of criminal justice, and why it so often fails—despite the best intentions of judges, administrators, and reformers. The arc of innovation to disappointment is analyzed for such ideas as bail reform, pretrial diversion, speedy trials, and determinate sentencing. A much-maligned system of [...]

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David Nelken adds new preface, and paperback and ebooks, to his award-winning study The Limits of the Legal Process

This classic and path-breaking study in the sociology of law has won multiple academic awards for its insight, clarity, and broad import in examining the UK’s Rent Acts and landlord behavior over a period of time in the 1960s and 1970s. Not just a revelation of the unintended consequences of well-meaning tenant reforms–though it certainly [...]

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Jesse Choper’s powerful Judicial Review and the National Political Process available as an eBook

As constitutional scholar John Nowak noted when this classic book was first published, “Professor Choper’s Judicial Review and the National Political Process is mandatory reading for anyone seriously attempting to study our constitutional system of government. It is an important assessment of the democratic process and the theoretical and practical role of the Supreme Court.”
That [...]

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Simon Roberts’ acclaimed legal anthropology Order and Dispute: now in Second Edition

A classic resource in the modern study of the anthropology of law, the much-cited and rare book is now widely available again. There are many societies that survive in a remarkably orderly fashion without the help of judges, courts and police. Roberts contends, however, that legal theory has become too closely identified with our own arrangements in western societies to help much in cross-cultural studies of order.

Now in an updated edition, in paperback and eBook formats.

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4th edition of Jerome Skolnick’s Classic Justice Without Trial Explores Policing and Democratic Values from Inside

Available in multiple ebook formats and paperback: the acclaimed and foundational study of police culture and practice, political accountability, application of and obedience to the rule of law in stops and arrests, and the dilemma of law versus order in free societies — by the renowned sociologist using innovative and influential research techniques in law and criminology. New preface by the author and Foreword by Candace McCoy.

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Stuart Scheingold’s Pathbreaking Study of European Integration by Law is a Digitally Remastered Book

In the early days of what would become the European Union, the new entity had a weak and ill-defined legislature and executive. And the European Court of Justice, whose decisions, actions, and even inactions subtly paved the way to a continent’s integration. “Scheingold showed that its efforts, deftly melding law and politics, were a success beyond mere dispute-resolution and development of legal doctrine,” states the new introduction to this classic study. “He was well aware that he was present at the creation of a powerful new institution. Yet he stood virtually alone in seeing what such an institution, using its power this way, could realize in terms of political integration. The resulting book was a masterpiece.”

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Alison Renteln’s Classic Study of the Relativity of Human Rights Norms; Adds New Foreword by Tom Zwart

A classic socio-legal study of the incompatibility and possible reconciliation of competing views of culture relativism and absolute fundamental human rights. It features prodigious research and insight that has often been cited by academics and human rights lawyers and activists over two decades. Originally published by Sage, the book is now available in Quid Pro’s Classics of the Social Sciences Series, in new eBook and paperback editions; it remains one of the foundational works in human rights.

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Cynthia Fuchs Epstein’s foundational Women in Law adds Deborah Rhode’s new Foreword: available in paperback and eBooks

Simply one of the most important and influential works in the canon of the sociology of law, Epstein’s WOMEN IN LAW is now republished (including new paperback) and available worldwide for departments of sociology, law, and gender studies — but is accessible and fascinating to a general audience, unloaded with legal or sociological jargon. It won the SCRIBES Book Award and the ABA’s Merit Award.

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Hardback, paperback & ebook: Rosen on the Roles and Dilemmas of Attorneys in Advising Corporations

Acclaimed study in law & society — already used and cited for its path-breaking research — passed around before in looseleaf, now available worldwide as a new book. Features new Foreword and Preface. In paperback, cloth and multiple digital formats. Called a “cult classic” and “wonderful” in recent blog posts.

“…Should be read by everyone interested in how law matters to organizations of all kinds.” –Prof. Jonathan Simon, UC Berkeley School of Law

“A pioneering work in the sociology of the legal profession and a foundational piece in the slowly emerging canon of empirical research on inside counsel…normatively challenges the legal profession’s ideology of moral ‘independence.’” — Prof. Sung Hui Kim, UCLA, from the new Foreword

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Martin Shapiro Links Freedom of Speech with the Legitimate Political Role of the Supreme Court

A classic study of the free speech right and especially the function of the Supreme Court in review—in effect answering, before his time, Chief Justice Roberts’ claim that judges are neutral umpires. Such judicial modesty ignores the Court’s political role in governing and protecting under-represented citizens.

In paperback edition, plus Kindle, Nook, Apple, and other ebook formats.

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Scheingold’s The Law in Political Integration Explores Federalizing the Early Forms of the EU

Really, what became the EU, from a disparate mishmash of treaties, organizations, and economic groupings. And always law, before most people could imagine the extent of political integration it would engender. But Stuart A. Scheingold saw what it could become, what law could do for that process, and analyzed the state of that process from [...]

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Classic Study of Solo Lawyers: Jerome Carlin’s Lawyers on Their Own Gets Digitally Remastered™

A classic study, in 2011 digital and paperback formats, with a new foreword by law professor William Gallagher.

Carlin’s LAWYERS ON THEIR OWN is a recognized, foundational study of lawyers in solo practice in an urban setting. It became the template for an important form of social science research into lawyers in action. The first frank, extensive and grounded study of individual practitioners, now back in print, plus nine quality digital formats.

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Classic legal history, adding new Foreword by Stewart Macaulay: Lawrence Friedman’s Contract Law in America

Contract law and legal history as applied in the real world and not just in the law books—a classic study of the social and economic realities of trade law, told through case studies and rich historical analysis, and comparing cases and legislation over three discrete historical periods. Lawrence Friedman’s first book, with new introductions, is now in paperback and eight accessible digital formats.

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Discretion to Disobey: a classic of law & society

Kadish and Kadish, Discretion to Disobey, is a truly interdisciplinary inquiry into the idea of departing from the strict letter of the law in a way that, the authors argue, actually comports with both law and morality.

Sometimes you have to break the law to make the law.

AVAILABLE IN MODERN PAPERBACK or as an ebook from Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and Smashwords.

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Stuart Scheingold’s classic The Politics of Law and Order reissued in print and digital with new Foreword by Malcolm Feeley

How crime and public fear of it are socially constructed — not just a set reality to observe. Politicians and others use public anxiety for their purposes, and push a ‘law and order’ platform even as crime rates drop. As the foundational, supported study of the issue, it’s often cited and used in later scholarship on crime and politics, from a legendary scholar in the field–an acclaimed follow-up to his landmark ‘The Politics of Rights.’ Available in ebook and new paperback.

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UCLA’s Joel Handler, in Law & the Search for Community, Goes Beyond Liberalism on Issues of Welfare, Medical Consent, Pollution, Special Ed, Elder Care (ebooks and now in print)

Law and the Search for Community is not your typical left-liberal study of the needs of powerless people and the power of government actors.  It does not propose more law, more rights, more bureaucracy, more lawyering.  It  instead exposes the tensions of the usual rights-empowerment and due process response to such community needs as to [...]

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An undeniable classic of law and philosophy is digitally remastered

For a new generation of readers interested in the-much debated idea that law includes tools for its own departures. 
(Sometimes you just have to break the law to truly honor it.)
Read more about Mortimer Kadish and Sanford Kadish, Discretion to Disobey, on its feature page, with details and reader reviews.
Buying information from Amazon is [...]

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