Harvard Law Review’s June Issue, in ebook formats, now available including memoriam to William Stuntz

Harvard Law Review: Volume 124, Number 8 – June 2011 is now available, beating the streets, as an ebook in leading formats. It features quality presentation, legible charts, active TOC (including that of the articles), linked notes and URLs, and complete and linked cross-referencing in text and notes.

Its contents are:

In Memoriam: William J. Stuntz

Pamela S. Karlan
Michael J. Klarman
Martha Minow
Daniel C. Richman
Robert E. Scott
David Skeel
Carol Steiker


The Host’s Dilemma: Strategic Forfeiture in Platform Markets for Informational Goods

Jonathan M. Barnett

Separation of Powers as Ordinary Interpretation

John F. Manning

Interpreting Silence: The Roles of the Courts and the Executive Branch in Head of State Immunity Cases

Advisory Opinions and the Influence of the Supreme Court over American Policymaking

Fourth Amendment — Qualified Immunity

Criminal Law — Sentencing Guidelines

Civil Procedure — Protective Orders

Constitutional Law — First Amendment

Criminal Law — Sentencing

Administrative Law — Agency Design (Dodd-Frank/CFPB)


INDEX to Volume 124

This follows issue 7 (May), which was HLR’s first contemporaneous ebook publication of its issue. Quid Pro Books is the exclusive digital publisher of the Harvard Law Review.

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ISBN-13 9781610279710 (Kindle)  |  ISBN-13 9781610279727 (ePub)