A Dictionary of Civil Law Terminology in Louisiana: Usufruct and Naked Owners Are Explained to Common Lawyers and Civilians

With obscure terms like emphyteusis and jactitation, the language of the civil law can sometimes confuse students and even seasoned practitioners. But the Louisiana Civil Law Dictionary can help. It defines every word and phrase contained in the index to the Louisiana Civil Code, plus many more–in clear and concise language–and provides current citations to the relevant statutes, code articles, and cases.  Available in paperback (from our eStore, Amazon, etc.), plus hardcover and eBook formats linked below. The dictionary’s dedicated website is here. It is reviewed by iPhone JD Blog here.

Whether you are a student, researcher, lawyer, or judge, if you deal with Louisiana and its laws, this volume will prove indispensable. It is also a valuable resource for notaries and paralegal assistants. No doubt common law practitioners in other states, too, will find ready uses for a dictionary that translates civil law terminology into familiar concepts; they will know how naked ownership is different from usufruct. And since the civil law dominates the world’s legal systems, this book will find a home with libraries and scholars anywhere there is a need to compare civil law terms with those of the common law.

Quality ebook formatting from Quid Pro Books features active contents, linked notes and URLs, and hundreds of linked cross-references for ready association of related topics. Print editions are available of this valuable resource, yet the ebook format is not just a textual replication of the print book or a PDF; instead, the ebook is carefully designed to take full advantage of the digital ereader’s optimal arrangements and hyperlinks.

“Rome and Kinsella have done a huge service to legal scholarship by assembling the Louisiana Civil Law Dictionary — a splendid resource for those seeking to understand the rich vocabulary of Louisiana law.”
— Bryan A. Garner, President, LawProse, Inc.; and Editor in Chief, Black’s Law Dictionary

“For ready reference on the desk or in a personal or law firm library, in the office of a civilian of any walk of practice or intellectual endeavor, this enormously helpful dictionary is a must. This scholarly reference is essential to the study of the civil law tradition; the Louisiana Civil Law Dictionary serves as a gateway to understanding the civil law system embraced by the majority of legal systems in the world.”
— J. Lanier Yeates, Member, Gordon Arata McCollam Duplantis & Eagan, LLC

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ISBN 9781610270830 (ePUB)
ISBN 9781610270816 (paperback)
ISBN 9781610270878 (hardcover)