Harvard Law Review’s Dec. 2011 Issue as an eBook: Orin Kerr, Jamal Greene and Michael Klarman

The Harvard Law Review’s December 2011 Issue (Volume 125, Number 2) is available in quality eBook editions from Quid Pro Books.

Articles in this issue are from such recognized scholars as Jamal Greene (writing on notorious or anti-canonical Supreme Court cases like Lochner and Plessy), Orin Kerr (on Fourth Amendment theory), and Michael Klarman (reviewing in depth a new book on the Constitutional Convention).

Student contributions feature Notes on the John Dewey model of democracy and administrative agencies, and on breaching international trade law. Case Notes discuss recent decisions on such topics as civil procedure, tort law, patent law, constitutional law (on transgender prisoners and on firing ranges), stem cell research funding, and corporate immunity.

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Cataloging for Dec. 2011 Issue:

ISBN: 1610279670 (ePub)  |  ISBN-13: 9781610279673 (ePub)