Yale Law Journal issue 7 (May 2012) examines voting, redistricting, and due process

This issue of The Yale Law Journal (the 7th issue of Volume 121, academic year 2011-2012) features articles and essays by several notable scholars. Principal contributors include Richard Re and Christopher Re, Nathan Chapman and Michael McConnell, Bruce Cain, Christopher Elmendorf and David Schleicher, and Joseph Fishkin.

The May issue’s complete Contents are:

“Voting and Vice: Criminal Disenfranchisement and the Reconstruction Amendments,” by Richard M. Re and Christopher M. Re

“Due Process as Separation of Powers,” by Nathan S. Chapman and Michael W. McConnell

“Redistricting Commissions: A Better Political Buffer?,” by Bruce E. Cain

“Districting for a Low-Information Electorate,” by Christopher S. Elmendorf and David Schleicher

“Weightless Votes,” by Joseph Fishkin

Note, “Recognizing Character: A New Perspective on Character Evidence,” by Barrett J. Anderson

Note, “Cross-National Patterns in FCPA Enforcement,” by Nicholas M. McLean

Comment, “One Person, No Vote: Staggered Elections, Redistricting, and Disenfranchisement,” by Margaret B. Weston

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