Harvard Law Review issue 8, June 2012: Developments on Presidential power, article on Spatial Diversity & redistricting, and review essay on Constitutional Originalism

The June 2012 issue features the Harvard Law Review’s annual, extensive, and famous DEVELOPMENTS IN THE LAW section; this year’s subject examines Presidential Authority. Issue 8 also includes an article by Nicholas Stephanopoulos, “Spatial Diversity,” which analyzes redistricting and other concepts of population dispersion, and a Book Review by Michael Dorf, “The Undead Constitution,” which explores originalism and constitutional interpretation in light of recent books by David Strauss and Jack Balkin. The issue begins with a series of In Memoriam contributions celebrating Bernard Wolfman.

In its Developments survey on executive authority, the student-authors analyze the subjects of:

* The President’s Role in the Legislative Process
* Presidential Power and the Office of Legal Counsel
* Presidential Involvement in Defending Congressional Statutes
* Executive Appointments

In addition, student contributions on Recent Cases explore such topics as patentable subject matter, sentencing guidelines, economic spying, the death penalty and mental retardation, Guant√°namo hearings and intelligence reports, and organ donor compensation for bone marrow. The issue also includes Recent Publications and the Index for volume 125.

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This current issue is June 2012, the 8th issue of academic year 2011-2012 (Volume 125). Previous issues of Volume 124 and 125 are also available as ebooks.

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