The annotated Common Law: Holmes Gets Decoded for a New Generation, in Hardcover, Paperback & eBook

The Common Law AVAILABLE IN EIGHT DIGITAL FORMATS, including Kindle, Sony, Nook, and Apple iBooks — also in new PAPERBACK and HARDCOVER editions

The only corrected and annotated version available of this foundational work on law and history, read by generations of law students, scholars, and historians–now in its 2010 digital version with an explanatory Foreword, active contents, linked and numbered footnotes, and clarifying sidebars–features missing in any other edition available. Other digital or online sources you could download are simply wrong and unusable (e.g., hundreds of footnote 1’s, none linked; and repeatedly missing every eighth word in whole passages–did they all scan it with a cellphone?). Even quality print versions all lack annotations and explanations, and often need citable page numbers and footnotes. Finally fixed from the original source, and annotated to bring the text alive to modern readers, this  canonical book is demystified for a wide audience in history, political science, and law.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. compiled this master work in 1881 from his famous lectures in Boston on the origins, reasoning, and import of the common law. It jump-started legal realism and established law as a pragmatic way to solve problems and make policy, not just a collection of rules. It has stood the test of time as one of the most important and influential studies of law and the development of legal rules. The life of the law is not logic, it’s experience, he told the world.  And changed it forever.

AVAILABLE digitally for Kindle at Amazon.  {For UK customers using Kindle or its apps, buy directly from the Amazon UK store here.} Look for it on Barnes & Noble for Nook, and at Apple iTunes or iBooks (as previewed here). Also digitally in many formats including PDF and ePUB at Smashwords; and at Kobobooks. Now at Google Play for the app and for Nexus devices.

The annotated edition is available in PAPERBACK format from our e-store.  And at Amazon in paperback format, as well as B&N here, and BAM! Libraries may also order it from YBP Library Services.  It is 440 pages, ISBN 9781610270144 (pbk.)

Hardcover of The annotated Common Law:

The annotated edition is also available in library-quality HARDCOVER (9781610279505) from online sites such as Amazon and B&N, as well as BAM!, YBP, and Ingram catalog.

The annotated versions of this classic work include an introduction and scores of notes by Steven Alan Childress, a senior professor of law at Tulane University.


There’s also a non-annotated version of The Common Law, with all the corrections and accuracy, and linked notes and table of contents, that no other ebook edition has.  It contains the Foreword of the expanded version above.  It is available at Amazon in the Kindle edition, and found in many other sites and formats {and at Amazon UK here}.

The paperback version of The Common Law, presented in a modern and clean format with hyperaccurate text and notes, and the 2010 Foreword, is also available at our e-store, and at Amazon, or contact us for bulk sales direct from Quid Pro.  The paperback is also sold online at B&N here.

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FOR THE ANNOTATED Sony and ePUB eBook edition:

ISBN-10:  1610270134

ISBN-13:  9781610270137


ISBN-10:  1610270126

ISBN-13:  9781610270120


ISBN-13:  9781610270144 (paperback)

ISBN-13:  9781610279505 (hardcover)


ISBN-13: 978-1-61027-922-2 (paperback)