John Dewey’s 1910 How We Think Becomes a Digitally Remastered Book™ in Paperback

The “thought process” laid bare. One of America’s greatest philosophers and educators examines the nature and process of human reasoning, intellect, and emotion. John Dewey took a common sense approach to the subject, using examples and explanations that resonate today. His pragmatism has influenced much modern philosophy and the social sciences—and in the effort he produced a timeless, captivating, and universally accessible study of the subject of human thought and logical decision-making.

John Dewey (1859–1952) was a U.S. philosopher, education reformer, and psychologist, and an influential professor at the University of Michigan, University of Chicago, and Columbia University. His belief in an empirically based theory of knowledge informed much of his work on logic and philosophy, including the 1910 book HOW WE THINK. Dewey also explored political theory, psychology, and education in his many acclaimed books and academic articles.

Presented in a digitally remastered form, this new edition corrects the missing letters, underlines, and distracting stray marks typically found in such republications. It is ideal for general reading and classroom adoption.

Part of the Classics of the Social Sciences Series from Quid Pro Books.

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TITLE: How We Think
AUTHOR: John Dewey
ISBN 978-1-61027-911-6 (paperback, 2012)
238 pp.
Publication Date: Oct. 25, 2012