Symposia and panel collections can go to press with high-quality books and ebooks

Submit to the Symposium Series.

Professors and lawyers with symposia panels of themed works, and conference collections of papers, who want their work to be out there fast, and benefit a great cause, should propose editing an addition to the Benefit Tulane PILF Series, or contribute the collection to Quid Pro’s scholarly Symposium Series.

Papers may still be individually posted or published, and this opportunity does not preclude seeking to place the book with a traditional academic press.  We will work with you.  We can even paper-publish your proceedings if you do not want to submit to a university press, and we publish fast.

Write us to find out how to turn your expert panel papers into a themed book. More information is also on the For Authors page and under posts on the Benefit Tulane PILF Series category at right.