Leading Voices on Justice Under Law Discuss Civil Liberties, National Security, Gitmo, Immigration and Health Care

Law and the Quest for Justice is a 2013 book featuring evocative essays on hotbed issues of rights, liberty, security and law. An insightful collection of essays from leading voices on the challenges and promise of justice and law, this book is accessible and interesting to a wide audience. It features internationally renowned members of the academy, national political figures, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, and crusading lawyers. The thought-provoking topics include:

Erwin Chemerinsky on reconceptualizing federalism and healthcare reform • John Echohawk on Native American rights • Jack Greenberg on Brown v. Board’s legacy • Linda Greenhouse on how Supreme Court Justices evolve over time • Lani Guinier on reframing affirmative action • Antonia Hernández on what citizenship means after 9/11 • Anthony Lewis on broadening presidential power to fight terrorism • Janet Napolitano on security and rights after 9/11 • Charles Ogletree on achieving racial justice • Robert Reich on the economic inheritance of our children • Judith Resnik on Guantánamo, Miranda, and public rights to fairness • Geoffrey Stone on sacrificing civil liberties in wartime.

The volume originates from a lecture series honoring legal legend John P. Frank, who represented Ernesto Miranda in the Supreme Court. It is edited and presented by Marjorie S. Zatz and Doris Marie Provine—both professors of Justice & Social Inquiry at Arizona State University—and Arizona attorney James P. Walsh, who was once a law partner to John Frank.

See the detailed and useful review of this book at the Law & Politics Book Review. Writes Professor Malone, “there is enough material to provide interesting context and side conversations for any law-related course on civil rights and liberties… its strength lies in how the chapters contextualize questions of racial and ethnic equality and the right to privacy from government intrusion. The other strength of the book is the quality of the writing and the caliber of the contributors.”

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