Margaret Sanger’s 1926 manual Happiness in Marriage: now a convenient eBook

Margaret Sanger (1879-1966) was an iconic American feminist, sex educator, nurse, and birth control activist. She founded Planned Parenthood and wrote numerous articles and books on controversial topics including birth control. She was arrested for espousing contraception and women’s freedom of control over their own bodies. Decades later, and in part from her prosecution and activism, the U.S. accepted the right to control birth as she promoted, and the Supreme Court struck down laws forbidding contraception as an invasion of marital privacy.

Part of that activism is present in Happiness in Marriage, first published in 1926. But the book attempts to do more–to teach both men and women what a committed relationship means, what mutual respect and support earns, and why sexual power and communion are a vital part of a successful relationship. The book was the first of its kind permitted to be sold–a marriage manual with anatomical information for both sexes, and promoting contraception–and was controversial at the time for its frank views on sexual pleasure in women, the need for birth control and delayed childbearing, and the idea of continual romance and renewal. Much of the advice and insight resonates today, but at the least the book is known for its historical import and frank ice-breaking of taboo subjects.

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