John Logue’s 3 Ballantine Murder Mysteries are now QP eBooks

Classic mystery writer John Logue has contributed some of his most acclaimed fiction to the growing eBook library of QP fiction. Now available are three suspense novels set in the world of high-stakes sports. Originally published by Crown Publishing and Ballantine Books of Random House, these books formed  part of the Morris & Sullivan Mystery series. The first in the series, Follow the Leader, was a finalist in the Edgar Awards for best first novel. These books are fun, and presented digitally with active Table of Contents.

FOLLOW THE LEADER. ISBN 978-1-61027-190-5 (eBook)

Missing at his tee time at the U.S. Open outside Atlanta is the latest leader of America’s greatest tournament. Where is he? And how does his fate relate to the apparent gruesome suicide of a teaching pro turned TV commentator? The Open compresses the lives and fortunes of the world’s greatest golfers into 72 holes. To the winner goes immortality, and upwards of a million dollars. The losers inherit a lasting obscurity. All the careful rituals and ribbings in the game conceal a deadly chemistry of money and pressure—the fear of losing, the thefts of time, the erosion of skill and nerve.

John Morris, traveling the circuit as the veteran Associated Press sports reporter, knows all too well the contradictions and vices of the game he has covered for 21 years: whose lives and skills are unraveling, whose wives are willing, whose iron ambitions are merciless. And yet the grace and geometry of golf are Morris’s life. That and Julia Sullivan. Atlanta police detective Jack Rutledge seeks only the killer and will destroy anyone, or any sport, standing in his way. The Open, and golf itself, are threatened in this gentleman’s game of death.

•  “Not only golfers will be delighted with this book!” —New York Times Book Review
•  “A leading contender for best mystery of the year!” —San Diego Union
•  “An enthralling, ingenious and gripping book. It is the ultimate mystery novel about an obsessive sport.” —James Dickey, author of DELIVERANCE

Follow the Leader is available at Amazon for Kindle, Barnes & Noble for Nook, and at Apple iBooks and iTunes bookstore (as previewed here). At Google Play for Play app and Nexus. Also at Smashwords in ePub format, at Diesel ebooks, and at Kobobooks.

REPLAY: MURDER. ISBN 978-1-61027-191-2 (eBook)
A Morris & Sullivan Mystery set in the pressure-cooker world of big-time college football. Is legendary and brutal coach Harry Carr guilty of murdering his star quarterback? AP reporter John Morris and his sassy companion Julia Sullivan get plunged deep into the intrigue and petty secrets–and jarring violence–of a college town when the unbeaten football team’s QB is found murdered. In Morris’ own hotel room. Coach Carr–hated by all but famous for success–asks Morris to help solve the crime. Morris and Sullivan risk everything to unravel it.

Available at Amazon for Kindle, Barnes & Noble for Nook, and at Apple iBooks and iTunes bookstore (preview here). Now available in ePub format at Smashwords, at Diesel ebooks, and at Kobobooks. See it at Google Play here.

FLAWLESS EXECUTION. ISBN 978-1-61027-192-9 (eBook)
Classic mystery set in the high-stakes world of pro football. Who witnessed the murder of cocky, verbose primetime TV announcer George Hoagland? All of America, with sportswriter John Morris and his sassy companion Julia Sullivan. They’re out to solve his electrocution, to figure out the mystery of the Monday Night Murders.

Available at Amazon for Kindle, Barnes & Noble for Nook, and at Apple iBooks and iTunes bookstore (preview here). At Google Play as a Nexus ebook and for the Play app. See it also in ePub at Smashwords, at Diesel, and at Kobobooks.

Coming soon (March 2015): more novels by John Logue in new eBook editions, including several Morris & Sullivan Mystery titles previously published in print by Dell.