And help fund public interest law and indigent representations through royalties supporting the nonprofit Tulane Public Interest Law Foundation.

Become a Series Editor and propose a collected, edited symposium book in our Benefit Tulane PILF Series.  The net proceeds fund public interest projects and indigent representations by Tulane PILF, an organization of law student volunteers.

You still get a traditional, normal royalty for your collating, editing, and Foreword, just not the high rates of other series projects. The lion’s share goes to PILF.  Still, that gives you an incentivized sales force of Facebooky law students, built in PR and marketing for a great cause.  And Quid Pro will do all it can to make this work sell, for your sake and that of Tulane PILF.  It may mean more money in the aggregate for the Series Editor–can the PILF members make you go viral?–but in any event is an awesome project to undertake for the digital distribution of academic work and support of quality public-interest law work.

Do the right thing.