Marie Laveau, historical voodoo figure in New Orleans, featured in reprinted classic folk-book

Raymond J. Martinez’ classic book on legends, lore and unvarnished truths surrounding New Orleans’ most famous voodoo mistress, and other tales from surrounding parishes of days long gone by. Includes illustrated guide to palm-reading, humorous asides, historical comparisons, and over twenty images. In addition to the facts and folklore about Marie Laveau herself, including revealing research into some debunked myths and unanswered questions, the book offers entertaining stories of her life and the people around the New Orleans area, such as:

• Lafayette’s visit to New Orleans, yes . . . but to Marie Laveau herself?
• How Marie Laveau turned hate into love for some wishful suitors
• How she earned her free house on St. Ann Street, and how her death made city newspapers go wild
• The man with two wives—in two languages—and therefore a roosterhead in his coatpocket
• Why New Orleans doorsteps are so clean
• How a complete idiot won the election for mayor of Burley Landing
• The proper use of gris gris, and the meaning of palm mountains and lines
• How an honest thief fooled an unsuspecting Yankee
• Why zombies are created to be used as farmhands

Presented in a quality ebook format with active Contents, linked notes, and all the illustrations from the original properly formatted; and in new paperback presentation featuring original illustrations and new material. Either way, it’s the only new and modern edition of this well-known (to locals, at least) book.

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Mysterious Marie Laveau, Voodoo Queen, and Folk Tales Along the Mississippi
Imprint: Quaint Press,
ISBN: 9780615758657 (pbk.)
ISBN: 9781610278911 (eBook)
ASIN: B00B25I0AE (Kindle)
Publication date: January 23, 2013
Page count and list price (pbk.): 102 pp.; $15.99