New Titles in IP Include the “Green” John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law

Cutting-edge issues in IP law as well as foundational work that merits ready availability will both find a home in the IP Law Series.  And Quid Pro has now digitally published its first, bringing the Green Movement to the IP Series in cooperation with a leading student-edited law journal on IP law.  The John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law (RIPL) has added its Special 2010 Green Issue to the Series, offering, through Quid Pro Law Books, The Intersection of Intellectual Property Law and the “Green” Movement.


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Special symposium by leading scholars and lawyers on intellectual property law, including patents and trademarks.  The new Green Issue presents cutting-edge articles on the emerging “green” movement in environmental law and its promotion through IP law.  Topics include encouraging biodiversity, HIPPO, green labeling and fake marketing, greenwashing, miscalculation of long-term costs, and patenting environmental tech.

Published in the 2010 Kindle edition:
ISBN-10:  161027007X
ISBN-13:  9781610270076

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ISBN-10:  1610270088
ISBN-13:  9781610270083

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ISBN: 9781610279734