University of Chicago Law Review’s issue 3 of 2013 explores tortfest, constitutionality, nudges and floodgates

The University of Chicago Law Review’s third issue, 2013, features articles and essays from internationally recognized legal scholars, as well as extensive student research in the form of Comments. Contents are:

• Tortfest, by J. Shahar Dillbary
• Judging the Flood of Litigation, by Marin K. Levy
• Unbundling Constitutionality, by Richard Primus
• When Nudges Fail: Slippery Defaults, by Lauren E. Willis

• The Firearm-Disability Dilemma: Property Insights into Felon Gun Rights
• Pleading in Technicolor: When Can Litigants Incorporate Audiovisual Works into Their Complaints?
• Fun with Numbers: Gall’s Mixed Message regarding Variance Calculations
• The Availability of Discovery Sanctions for Violations of Protective Orders
• Corruption Clarified: Defining the Reach of “Agent” in 18 USC § 666
• Extra Venues for Extraterritorial Crimes? 18 USC § 3238 and Cross-Border Criminal Activity
• A Historical Approach to Negligent Misrepresentation and Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 9(b)

• Commons and Growth: The Essential Role of Open Commons in Market Economies, by Yochai Benkler

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