John Flood’s Study of the Corporate Law Firm Reveals a Side of Law Practice Often Ignored: Inside

A legal scholar and sociologist, John Flood spent years observing a large law firm from the inside—much like an embedded journalist, but with the perspective of a researcher on the theory and practice of legal organizations. What he found and analyzed resulted in a study that has been cited by many scholars over the years as the ultimate account of the inner workings of a corporate law firm, including its relations with clients, employees, and the broader profession. Further, using four detailed case studies, he showed how the construction of legal information and problems depended heavily on the role and specialization of the lawyer and the power of the client.

Now in its Second Edition, with updated references and account of the radical shifts in legal practice over the past few years in the U.S. and U.K., Flood’s pathbreaking book continues to be a fascinating resource for scholars of the legal profession, as well as interested readers who want to see exposed the inner sanctum of private, big-money law practice.

This edition also adds a new, reflective introduction by Lynn Mather, the SUNY Distinguished Service Professor at the University at Buffalo. She writes that, compared to litigators, prosecutors, and public interest attorneys, “far less is known about exactly what business lawyers do.” However, “Flood’s brilliant ethnography of a corporate law firm helps to fill this gap, providing an in-depth analysis of corporate lawyers at work and addressing significant issues of professional work. Originally done in the late 1980s, this classic study has now been updated and still stands as a singular contribution to the field for its insights into the work of corporate lawyers. … The themes it raises—differences between office lawyers and litigators, ethical decision making in the context of legal work, change in corporate practice in relation to the economy and professional regulation, and the role of law in what lawyers do—remain crucial for understanding the role of lawyers in society.”

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