Harvard Law Review’s Nov. 2013 issue reviews Supreme Court’s last Term, honors Justice Ginsburg, and features Siegel, Issacharoff, Klarman & Murphy

The November issue, Number 1, is the special annual review of the U.S. Supreme Court’s previous Term. Each year, the issue is introduced by noteworthy and extensive contributions from recognized scholars. In this issue, for the 2012 Term, articles and essays include:

• Foreword: “Equality Divided,” by Reva B. Siegel
• Comment: “Beyond the Discrimination Model on Voting,” by Samuel Issacharoff
• Comment: “Windsor and Brown: Marriage Equality and Racial Equality,” by Michael J. Klarman
• Comment: “License, Registration, Cheek Swab: DNA Testing and the Divided Court,” by Erin Murphy

The issue also features essays on substantive and procedural law, and judicial method, honoring Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her 20 years on the Court. The essays are written by such scholars as Deborah Anker, Susan Farbstein, Judge Nancy Gertner, Lani Guinier, Vicki Jackson, Richard Lazarus, John Manning, Martha Minow, Carol Steiker, Julie Suk, Laurence Tribe, and Mark Tushnet.

In addition, the first issue of each new volume provides an extensive summary of the important cases of the previous Supreme Court docket, covering a wide range of legal, political and constitutional subjects. Student commentary on Leading Cases of the 2012 Term includes recent cases on: federal preemption regarding elections; the Privileges and Immunities Clause; unconstitutional conditions violating free speech; effective assistance of counsel; dog-sniffing at the doorstep under the Fourth Amendment; jury trial right for mandatory sentencing; affirmative action in public universities; class action certification in securities cases; class action waivers in arbitration clauses; plain error review when new law is made after appeal; standing in government surveillance challenges; extraterritoriality under the Alien Tort Statute; actual innocence under AEDPA; deference to agencies in clean water and communication act cases; the First Sale Doctrine in copyright law; patent exhaustion; patentable subject matter; reverse payment settlements; Indian adoptions; and employer liability for supervisor harassment under Title VII. Complete statistical graphs and tables of the Court’s actions and results during the Term are included. Finally, the issue features several summaries of Recent Publications.

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