Pérez Perdomo Examines Law, Politics and Justice in Justicia e Injusticias en Venezuela

The new Spanish-language analysis of institutions of law, politics, and reform in Venezuela 1780-2000, from the nation’s leading voice. Even though seeking justice is an undoubted good, the history of that effort has sometimes resulted in the creation of machinery and policies that have perversely resulted in massive injustices.  This book is the culmination of years of intensive research, in records and interviews by Rogelio Pérez Perdomo, renowned law professor at Unimet in Caracas (often also teaching civil law at Stanford) and frequent writer (in Spanish and English) on law and society in South America; the work frames in a new way the search for democracy and equality in Venezuelan society and even its recent history and legal reforms.  The analysis is relevant to Latin American democracy as well.

El tema principal es la relación entre la justicia y la política. No está explorada usando una hipótesis sencilla, e.g. que la justicia ha estado siempre al servicio de la política. Tal tipo de hipótesis empobrecería el análisis…. El aparato de justicia es necessario pero a la vez es peligroso.

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ISBN 9781610270069 (ePUB)

Published: June 11, 2010
List price (digital): US $7.99

ASIN B003RISMJI (Kindle)