Dingwall’s Social Organisation of Health Visitor Training Returns with New Preface by the Author

A book that was hard to find but much cited and well reviewed finds a new home at Quid Pro Books, in multiple digital formats, as a Digitally Remastered Book.™ Its digital edition features new material, too.

Robert Dingwall’s classic and original study of the training of health visitors (public health nurses) in the UK is now available in a convenient ebook edition, featuring linked chapter endnotes, all tables from the print edition, linked and detailed subject Index, and active Contents. The new digital edition adds a substantive, explanatory 2014 Preface by the author.

This book has not been easily available in print for many years, but it has long been regarded as an important contribution to the study of professional socialization. It was one of the first studies to incorporate ideas from ethnomethodology into an ethnographic approach to studying health visitors, proposing that education should be thought of as the production of competence rather than the internalization of knowledge. The training program is examined as an organization, to which both faculty and students contribute. This program is also embedded in a wider set of social relations as the students — predominantly women — negotiate the place of their studies within the other demands on their lives in the context of the 1970s.

In the process, the book reveals the efforts and possible success of the professionalization process of this subset of medical service providers; its qualitative empiricism is a model for research that opens up the health visitor position (much like the “physician assistant” or PA in the U.S. who travels to patients and implements the medical practice of a larger network) to a broader conceptualization of its location in the medical profession.

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The Social Organisation of Health Visitor Training

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