Yale Law Journal’s Jan. 2014 No. 4: Bankruptcy, Shareholder Governance, Prosecutorial Vindictiveness, and Crowding Out Effects

The January 2014 issue of The Yale Law Journal features new articles and essays on law and legal theory by internationally recognized scholars. The contents for Volume 123, Number 4, include:

• “Ice Cube Bonds: Allocating the Price of Process in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy,” by Melissa B. Jacoby & Edward J. Janger

• “The Evolution of Shareholder Voting Rights: Separation of Ownership and Consumption,” by Henry Hansmann & Mariana Pargendler

• Note, “Vindicating Vindictiveness: Prosecutorial Discretion and Plea Bargaining, Past and Future,” by Doug Lieb

• Note, “Why Motives Matter: Reframing the Crowding Out Effect of Legal Incentives,” by Emad H. Atiq

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CATALOGING, Yale Law Journal: Volume 123, Number 4 – January 2014:

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Publisher: Quid Pro, LLC
Publication date: 1/15/2014
Page count: 264 pp.
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