Harvard Law Review’s Jan. 2014 issue explores public enforcement & motivation, tech issues with internet & broadband, sentencing review, trademark in fashion, and more

The January 2014 issue (Volume 127, Number 3) includes the following articles and student contributions:

• Article, “For-Profit Public Enforcement,” by Margaret H. Lemos and Max Minzner
• Book Review, “Technological Determinism and Its Discontents,” by Christopher S. Yoo
• Note, “More than a Formality: The Case for Meaningful Substantive Reasonableness Review”
• Note, “Appointing State Attorneys General: Evaluating the Unbundled State Executive”
• Note, “The Devil Wears Trademark: How the Fashion Industry Has Expanded Trademark Doctrine to Its Detriment”

In addition, student case notes explore recent cases on misleading law school employment data, the First Amendment religious rights of for-profit corporations, regulation of nuclear energy, forensic search of laptops at the border, search of cellphone date incident to arrest, obscene or lewd student speech, and access to polling places for news-gathering purposes. Finally, the issue includes several summaries of Recent Publications.

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