Now out in print: Federal Standards of Review, 4th ed.

In its new Fourth Edition, in three volumes, a product of LexisNexis Publishing Co.

Control the review process at trial and appeal and thereby turn it into a powerful,
strategic tool.

Just published (in print) and fully revised and updated, the treatise
is a comprehensive analysis of the review process in civil, criminal and
administrative cases. Know exactly how to evaluate a matter brought
before the court for review, whether it involves juries,
motions, agencies and magistrate judges, or habeas. 

Standards of review, those catchphrases that shape how appellate
judges review the actions of the trial judge, jury, or administrative agency,
are the essential language of appeals. 

Make sure you have the definitive authority on the topic....
Now available in summer 2010; product info, table of contents,
and ordering links at this site.