Rutgers CompTech Joins Law Review eBook Project with New Issue 1, 2014

The Rutgers Computer & Technology Law Journal now offers its issues in convenient and modern ebook formats for e-reader devices, apps, pads, smartphones, and computers. This first issue of Volume 40, 2014, was published in March 2014 and contains articles from leading figures of the academy, technology, and the legal community, as well as contributions from law students at Rutgers-Newark. Contents of this issue include:

• Article, “A Technological Trifecta: Using Videos, Playlists, and Facebook in Law School Classes to Reach Today’s Students,” by Dionne Anthon, Anna Hemingway & Amanda Smith
• Article, “From the School Yard to Cyberspace: A Review of Bullying Liability,” by Elizabeth M. Jaffe
• Article, “Building the Ethical Cyber Commander and the Law of Armed Conflict,” by Jody M. Prescott
• Note, “The 140-Character Campaign: Regulating Social Media Usage in Campaign Advertising,” by Jeffrey P. Hinkeldey
• Note, “Computerized IEP Generators: The Promise and the Peril,” by David Ulric

The Journal is edited and produced by students at Rutgers University School of Law–Newark and features contributions by scholars and professionals in the field. Founded in 1969, the Journal is the oldest computer law periodical in the academic world. Since its inception, the Journal has maintained a tradition of excellence, and has designed each publication issue to foster critical discourse on the technological breakthroughs impacting the legal landscape.

As with other law reviews published in digital form by Quid Pro Books (see several categories on the right sidebar), quality features include active Contents, linked notes, active URLs, and proper ebook formatting for the convenience of the reader. For example, CompTech retains Bluebook style and all the tables and images from the print edition.

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