Classic Social Science, Digitally Remastered: The Protection of Children, Second Edition, by Dingwall, Eekelaar & Murray

This book has not been easily available in print for many years, but it has long been regarded as an important contribution to the study of child abuse and neglect, and legal and social responses to it.

This classic study of law and social work in action is based on the most extensive investigation of child abuse and neglect ever carried out in Great Britain. The authors followed the course of numerous cases from the first detection of ill-treatment to the resolution (or otherwise) of the problem. Famous for coining the much-used (and often misused or misunderstood) phrase “the rule of optimism,” this book is updated with an extensive Postscript from 1995 and a new, 2014 Preface that explains the uneven history of the optimism principle, in both the UK and US — and in both social work practice and sociological scholarship.

It is entitled The Protection of Children (Second Edition): State Intervention and Family Life, and is authored by Robert Dingwall, John Eekelaar, and Topsy Murray. The authors are experts in sociology, law, and social work in the field, and they bring their unique perspectives and experiences to this recognized and insightful project.

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The Protection of Children, Second Edition, with 2014 Preface

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